Managing Anxiety During COVID-19

Managing anxiety

In these uncertain times in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak where there is a worldwide quarantine to ensure our well-being there has understandably been a rise in anxiety and depression. 

We are currently living in a time of fear, so it is important to focus on self-care, our mental health and emotional well-being, more than usual. 


We cannot control so much of what is happening right now, but we can control how we react to things. We can choose to reset negative thought patterns. Every time we catch ourselves thinking something negative, simply choosing to align our thoughts with something positive, counteracting the negative thoughts, helps to calm and slow the nervous system, as well as change the neural pathways to the brain.


Maintain Routine 

For those of you working from home, or on furlough, it is easy to lose routine, stop getting up in the morning, showered and dressed. And whilst for the first few days this can seem novel, liberating even, it can very quickly lead to lowness in mood creating a lack of motivation, isolation and a sense of letting go and giving up. Start your day with a warm invigoration shower, and whilst you shower mentally state your intentions for the day, be  that working on something, reading a book, spring cleaning the spare room that is neglected. Give yourself purpose, stay on top of the washing, housework and cooking. 


There are so many yoga classes &  PT classes etc being live streamed for free during these times. Take 15 minutes out of your day to boost your physical and mental well being. Exercise release Dopamine the happy hormone, which lets face it, we could all use right now. 

It doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise, a relaxing yin yoga class can be just what you need to lift your spirits. 

Self Care

More than ever right now, this is a vital aspect of your well-being. Take luxurious bubble baths, light those candles, take time to meditate and  listen to a guided meditation.

I personally love Deepak Chopra – his soothing voice, calming meditations leave me feeling renewed, invigorated and instantly uplifted. I urge you to try it yourself. This is the time to break out all your crystals, spend time with them, tap into their innate wisdom that locked inside them. Read books that inspire and uplift you. Learn. Create. Blast your favourite songs and sing along at the top of your lungs. Spring clean. 

Now is the perfect time, to throw out anything you no long need, or that doesn’t bring your joy and set to work on making your home a sacred, beloved space. 

If you use sage, or palo santo, use them indulgently, make your home feel cleansed, clear and bursting with positivity. 

Do what ever it is, you enjoy doing that makes you feel good and that helps to recharge your batteries. Above all else, be kind to yourself. 


It’s all to easy to see this period of quarantine as an excuse in be over indulgent. And whilst a little indulgence is good, be mindful that your brain, body and soul need immune boosting, need support in keeping you fit and healthy. So ensure you are filling your self with good foods, healthy grains, vegetables and fruits in this time too. Make sure your water intake is enough, and limit your alcohol and caffeine intake where ever possible. 


This strange time of enforced isolation to ensure the health and safety of everyone around us is vital, but it’s also leaving a lot of us lonely, scared, unsure and feeling disconnected form the world and everyone in our lives. 

Take time to text, call, video chat, email. Create group video chats with family via Facebook or other video platforms like Zoom or Skype. More than ever you need to know you are loved, that everyone is with you, feeling what you feel. Pick up that phone and send texts. Stay connected and don’t be afraid to say when you are feeling low. Remember that you are loved and that you are not alone. 


Letting go, releasing control, and accepting that there are days when you are going to struggle is key in getting through this. It is OK, to not be ok every day. But remember, that tomorrow is another day. A brand new day, filled with infinite possibilities. 

So take a deep breath, remember to breath, connect with yourself and let go. 

You will be OK. We will all be OK. We are united as a community, as a country and globally. 

In these dark times, there has been so much light, so much kindness, so much care and love shown. 

Light and love above all else. Because in essence, that is all there really is. 


Be safe, be well, stay connected and be light. 

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