8 Reasons you need a sound bath today!

8 reasons you need a sound bath today meditation ibiza

Holistic Serenity is best known for our beach sunrise sound baths on the coast of Essex, in the East of England. Sound healing is our core passion, but many people haven’t even heard of them, and if they have, they may not realise just how special sound baths can be, or you might be wondering what are the benefits of a sound bath?

So here are 8 reasons you need a sound bath today!


1. Meditation in Theta state

Everyone has heard of meditation, or at least I would imagine so these days. But not everyone realises just how difficult getting into a meditative state can be. Every guru from here to Timbuctoo is advocating meditation, but very few tell you how hard true meditation can be, or how there are some hacks to help you get zen much faster.

The sound waves of Crystal singing bowls allow the brain to relax into a Theta brainwave state within moments, which is the brainwave state you want in order to allow your subconscious to rest, rejuvenate, and also accept subtle programming you want in order to become more relaxed, balanced and at peace. Without obtaining theta state, meditation is more like a nice quiet sit down.


2. Balance your Chakras

If you haven’t heard of Chakras read this blog, if you have, stick with us. Each crystal singing bowl is created to align with a certain chakra. They do this by resonating at the same frequency as the intended chakra.

Now some people believe the human body has 114 Chakras, but singing bowls are mostly focused on the main 7 Chakra, and sometimes some of the upper and lower Chakras. By bathing in the vibrations that the singing bowls create, the sound waves gently massage your chakras into vibrating at the rate they should and bring you into a state of perfect balance, harmony, and alignment. It is down to the frequency and vibrations that sound and crystal therapy create, clear and balance your chakras and can be so hugely powerful.


3. Relieve Stress

Something we all struggle with at some point in our lives is stress, too many of us are overworked and overstretched, not only in the workplace but at home as well. Maintaining a positive work/life balance can be a daily struggle and one that can lead to stress.

Sound bath meditations can help minimise your stress levels, via the vibrations the instruments emit, focusing your attention on the sounds themselves and clearing your mind in the process, as well as the specific Alchemy bowls with properties aimed at stress relief among many other things. You can reduce stress and worry,  with just a single sound bath bringing you into a deep state of relaxation.

But don’t take my word for it, a study back in 2016 for the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine, found that a group of adults who experienced a sound bath displayed a significant reduction in anxiety, and depression as well as an increase in spiritual well-being.


4. Aid reducing depression

Mental Health is a massive focus these days, and for good reason. It almost goes without saying that 1 in 4 people suffer from some form of mental health issue each year, so it’s imperative that as a society we take it extremely seriously.

Sound baths can also help with reducing depression, similar to the way it works for stress. Sound baths release endorphins which counteract the impact of depression. They’re not a cure, but perfectly powerful support for those who are suffering.


5. Help you get a better night sleep

A soundbath is so deeply relaxing because it essentially gives your body a vibrational massage on a cellular level, which helps give you a good night sleep. The vibrations effectively relax your body and mind and give your body a helping hand when it comes to going to sleep.

Again, theta brainwaves come into play, as you naturally enter into theta state just before going to sleep, which deepens as you sleep. In fact, another study found a significant decrease in insomnia symptoms when they gave sound baths to a series of adult patients.


6. Reduce Negativity

As I mentioned earlier on, sound baths help with putting your mind into a theta state, and this is where the magic happens, you can be far more productive, creative, focused and positive when your mind is in a theta state.

Therefore specifically a guided sound bath meditation with a focus on reducing negativity, and promoting positivity is a great way to change your mindset without years of trying to re-write your mental scripts.


7. Allows you to Ground and be more at peace

If you have been to any kind of meditation or spiritual healing you will have hopefully been grounded at the end of the healing, this is the process where we connect to mother earth, become fully in our physical bodies, and fully present, rather than being in our own heads or focused too much on the past or present.


8. Improves overall mental and emotional well being

I know I’ve mentioned this a few times now, but it really is true, there have been a number of studies including the one in 2016 that have found sound baths and vibrational therapies to improve mental and emotional well being.

The belief is that when the sound waves of the crystal singing bowls release any blockages in your chakras, this allows you to have a more balanced mental and emotional state, controlled by the balance of those specific Chakra.


So there you have it, 8 reasons why you need a sound bath today, be sure to follow the link to the negativity reduction sound bath, we recorded it especially to help with grounding and shedding negative thoughts and behaviours and it’s got some beautiful visuals as well. 

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