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You are what you think

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Many of us have heard of the book the secret, or of the law of attraction but how many of us understand the principles behind ‘the law of attraction’?

Stripping things back to scientific terms, quantum physics in fact, those of us who are energy workers and healers have always know that which is now verified and accepted by scientists. That there is a universal field of energy that encompasses us all, including inanimate objects. Everything in our universe is made up of vibrational energy, including all matter, cells and our physical bodies. 

The simplest way to think of ourselves as though we were pulsing energetic magnets. And thought is the far more powerful than we give credit for. No action in this world is derived without thought. Every action that you take, or plan began with thought. Thought is the key. Your thoughts to be precise.

We have heard over the years many people talking of ‘the power of prayer’ and the positive and powerful affect it can have.  The accompanying school of thought to support that could be that it was  also the power of a collective of people all concentrating their thoughts on positive outcomes and visualising those positive outcomes that brought them into being? What if their vibrational energy combined with faith changed the outcome?

We attract that which we put out. Ever noticed those days when you got out of bed in a bad mood, and everything goes wrong, and increasingly gets worse, so therefor does your mood. Ever connect the dots between your feelings, thoughts, words and all those things that went wrong?

Or how about when someone who is in a bad mood is able to change the mood or atmosphere in a room full of people without saying a word?

That will be the energy!

Thinking I can’t, or it won’t work for me will end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. So swap the I can’t, for I can! Swap the I won’t for I will! And see what happens.

Consciously make the effort to think positive thoughts, about you, your life and the people in it. Raise your vibrational energy! Start each day being grateful and stating all the things you are grateful for in your life, even the new job that you don’t have yet) and see how differently you feel. More upbeat, more positive, more cheerful. And then take note of how other people in your life react to you, how they respond to you.

I can guarantee that you will notice a marked improvement.

So now I urge you to make a conscious effort to be kinder to yourself, rather than thinking negatively about you physically or otherwise, swap that thought with its positive counter. Make an effort to send positive thoughts to yourself, even those traits you are not so keen on. Remember that by changing your thoughts you change your vibrational energy, which can help raise your self-esteem, your self-respect, your love of self and your self-worth which in turn makes you happier.

Remember that if you output positivity you will receive it back. Because that it the vibration you are sending out, that is surrounding you. And given that we and our thoughts vibrate like magnets it’s only natural that what you think is what you attract and what you become.

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