Are you looking to take your love and knowledge of crystals to the next level, but don’t have a lot of free time? 

Do you want the confidence to trust your own intuition when using crystals, but not quite sure how to get it? 

Do you have a desire to support others’ healing journeys using the beautiful power of crystals, but aren’t sure where to begin? 

Would you like to start earning money and create your own crystal healing practice? 

Are you a holistic therapist already, and would like to offer another modality to your clients? 

Would you like some guidance on how to set up your own practice? 

This crystal healing diploma course has been developed to give you all the tools to increase your confidence when using crystals and also all the documents, techniques and information you need when starting your own crystal healing practice. 

We have also included a marketing masterclass to teach you social media skills and client generation techniques. 


Take a deeper dive into the world of Crystal Healing

This crystal healing diploma combines our crystal healing diploma and our marketing for spiritual businesses course to give you everything you need to start a crystal healing business today. 


We are confident that you won’t find a course as comprehensive anywhere online, the marketing extra’s alone are applicable to any spiritual, holistic wellness centred business, and super high value for money!

The amount of information contained within will help you go from total novice to expert in no time at all. 

You’ll get access to our: 

  • Level 3 Crystal Healing Diploma for Practitioners
  • Holistic Practitioner Marketing Master Class
  • Moon Bundle of Digital Download extras

No matter if you’re a crystal junkie, or a complete newbie, you will be given all the knowledge, tools and skills to start your crystal healing practitioner’s journey.

This course will not only teach you how to become an amazing healer, but you will learn how to find your clients and become a successful business person as well.

This course is about giving you every confidence in your skills and abilities to become the best version of yourself. 

I have dedicated years to obtaining my wealth of knowledge, but you don’t have to spend that long doing the same, as I have put it into a simple, easy-to-understand guide that anyone can start to use today! 

your skills and abilities to become the best version of yourself. 

I have dedicated years to obtaining my wealth of knowledge, but you don’t have to spend that long doing the same, as I have put it into a simple, easy-to-understand guide that anyone can start to use today! 

What does this course include?

You will complete this course knowing:

  • Which crystals you need in order to heal a variety of complaints.
  • Which crystals to acquire first in your crystal tool kit. 
  • A collection of unusual crystals which will help take your healing to the next level. 

​You will complete this course knowing:

  • How to use a pendulum and the power of your own intuition to evaluate what crystals you will need for your treatment
  • How to place crystals on the body, around the home and in your auric field to not only heal clients, but give your own life a boost!
  • How to cleanse, clear and recharge your crystals to keep them performing at their best. 

You’ll learn all the tools you need to start your practice right away. Including:

  • Client diagnosis.
  • How to carry out a consultation.
  • How to identify issues and blockages.
  • How to intuitively choose the right crystals for the job.
  • How to combine crystals for extra impact.
  • What are contraindications and how they affect your client’s treatment.
  • Aftercare instructions, what happens after treatment. 
  • How to treat clients from a distance, without being in the same room!  
  • Gain all the knowledge you need to be a practising crystal healer.
  • Boost your confidence and belief in your abilities as a healer.
  • Join a community of crystal healers aimed at helping you become the best healer you can be. 

In order to qualify, the course and case studies will be required but you can complete them as quickly as you like. No Pressure, No time Frame, Go at your own pace. I am here to support you and help you qualify at a pace that suits your situation in life. 


You are able to work from the comfort of your own home, you can work at your own pace, in a way that best suits you. You will only pass the diploma with certification once all your case studies have been completed, submitted and passed, and all payments have been made. 

Our masterclass empowers you with the essential strategies to establish and grow your business’ marketing:

Dive into practical guidance on crafting a captivating brand and business identity that shines in Google searches.
Unlock the secrets to attracting clients right from the start using the power of social media.
Turbocharge your Instagram growth with our laser-focused 30-day Accelerator, expanding your followers by 1,000 in just 30 days.
Harness Facebook to elevate your business, fostering a community of loyal customers who eagerly return to your events.
Optimize your Instagram and Facebook profiles to generate a steady influx of new clients.
Master the art of Facebook ads, the driving force behind 90% of our business.
Receive 500 social media post ideas and suggestions, eliminating guesswork and kickstarting your content journey.
Learn how to craft compelling content that transforms followers into clients.
Gain access to an annual content plan, ensuring you’re never at a loss for fresh, engaging ideas.

  • This course is fully accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.
  • The qualification is Globally applicable and can be used around the world.
  • You will need to supply a set of case studies in order to receive your certificate.
  • Accountability ensures you will earn your certification with pride.
  • Earn peace of mind and the confidence to practise knowing you’re fully capable.
  • Full support throughout the process, we are dedicated to helping you qualify.

Gain access to our private Facebook community, where connection and collaboration thrive.
Share your journey, wisdom, and support with fellow members in a nurturing environment.
Enjoy early access to exclusive discounts and engaging content.
Engage in live Q&A sessions that foster growth and understanding.
Immerse yourself in transformative Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl sound baths.
Delve into exclusive, soul-soothing meditations.
Be the first to know about upcoming workshops with early bird announcements.
Enhance your holistic business acumen with insightful marketing masterclasses.

  • When you sign up you’ll also get access to my digital Moon Crystal Bundle, packed full of:

    • Meditations
    • Crystal exercises
    • Moon journal
    • Daily Affirmation cards
    • Intention setting journal 

Not only have we kept the price low to make this course more accessible for everyone, but you have the option to spread the cost of the course over monthly instalments. You can choose to pay for the course over 3 or 6 months, or the most cost-effective option is to pay in one easy payment up front.  

All payments must be completed in order for certification to be issued. 

Discover the freedom to learn on your terms, anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Whether on a mobile device or computer, our course is accessible across the globe, empowering you to embark on your transformational journey at your own pace.

Nicole Shields is the founder of Holistic Serenity and a fully qualified and certified Crystal Healer and has worked closely with crystals for over 23 years.

Nicole has worked tirelessly to ensure this course delivers everything a new crystal healer could need to start working with them today. 

Unlike many other online training providers, Nicole worked for many years as an adult education training provider and tutor assessor, and has used her knowledge and experience to create this course, focusing on the tools and knowledge you’ll need to be able to start a practice upon completion. 

I recently completed the Diploma in Crystal Healing and what a beautiful journey. Nicole guides you through the top crystals you need in your toolkit, the chakras, how to use a pendulum to diagnose your clients' needs, how to carry out a treatment session and much more. There are wonderful exercises in each module to help you connect with your crystals even further and videos to guide you through interacting with your clients. The course I a perfect balance between theory and practice. If you're thinking about whether to take the plunge and enroll, then definitely go for it. Dont worry about producing the case studies either. At first, this might seem a little daunting, but the support and guidance you get from the Facebook group on top of Nicole's notes and pointers will make this a really lovely part of the journey. Truly, one of the best courses I have ever done.
Kate Wood

Hear from Nicole Shields founder of Holistic Serenity on why she created this course

I took a huge amount away from this course, the first thing was to have a huge amount more respect for Crystals
Faye Shirmer
Holistic Therapist

Join my Crystal Healing Diploma course today for just £555


When you sign up for our Level 3 Diploma course you not only get a bumper-packed course full of information about crystals, but you’ll also get a massive second course totally for FREE! 

We have included our entire Spiritual Business Marketing Course. This is a massive saving of £1,111, an amazing bargain for anyone aspiring to start a spiritual business using crystals. 

Our Marketing course helps you with exactly how to start a Spiritual Business from Scratch, how to set up a brand new business profile. Creating your own brand, and how to set everything up on social media. 

This bonus course not only teaches you how to fill your books with clients but it also gives you 500 social media post ideas alongside our full 2022 Content Calendar Plan!

So you won’t have to struggle with what to post for the next two years! 

The 30 day Instagram Accelerator will teach you how to grow your Instagram profile with 1,000 new engaged and interested followers in just 30 days!

Would you like to speak with me, the course creator?


Untitled design - 2022-06-04T191251.126

Learning a new modality can be a big undertaking, and sometimes a little daunting. 

So you want to make sure you’re learning with someone who resonates with you, and so that you know you’re going to be happy on the course. 

That’s why I have set up a free call option. If you have any questions, or would like to talk about the course and what you will gain from being part of it. 

Do you want to be a Practitioner?

This fully accredited diploma will give you all the tools to set up your own Crystal Healing Practice

For over 20 years I’ve worked with Crystals in my everyday life, and used them to bring my life into balance as well as offer powerful healing to my clients.

I have drawn upon my years as a tutor assessor for a top UK training provider to create a course designed to help you not only learn crystal healing but give you guidance on setting up your own practice 

I put this course together because I didn’t feel that any other course online gives you quite enough information to become a practitioner with confidence, at an affordable price. 

This course will teach you practical Crystal Healing, and give you the complete guide to setting up your own practice. 

The easy-to-follow structure will teach you everything you need to know quickly and will help you have the confidence to start your own safe and successful practice. 

You will join our online community of healers and crystal enthusiasts. A safe place to share and learn from each other, and build life-long friendships.

You will also benefit from direct access to me for any questions you have in regular live Q&As

We have also launched our small business marketing masterclass, offering you advice on how to get the most out of your social media and generate an abundance of new business clients 

​At the end of this course, no matter what your goal, you will be ready to create sacred space and use your intuition to heal others.

Course highlights include


Special bespoke Soundbath Meditations to support your healing journey, allowing you to relax and restore. 


Detailed video tutorials on all aspects of client diagnosis, treatment and aftercare.



A hugely in-depth, fully comprehensive approach to all the tools you’ll need to become a practitioner. 


You will receive all the documents you need to begin your practice including:

  • Client diagnosis forms
  • Client treatment notes 
  • Aftercare instructions


Meditate with this video guided meditation to gain a deeper connection to your crystals.



Crystal Gridding is an amazing way to manifest and supercharge the energy of your crystals. Crystal grids are the secret to my success in manifesting my dream life, and I’ll teach you what I’ve learned. 

You’ll learn my go-to top 10 crystal grids to get manifesting fast!



I’ll teach you the different sacred geometry patterns, their function, and how to use them to supercharge your crystal grids.


This course will teach you the must have 13 crystals for any healers tool kit. 


Learn everything you need to start a sound healing business, grow your client base and generate a never ending stream of clients using social media.



  • 30 day Instagram Accelerator Challenge.
  • Facebook Mastery – Groups, Pages and Ads all explained. 
  • 500 content ideas for creating social media posts.
  • 365 Day content calendar


Worth £997 on it’s own!



Get this course today for just


Don’t be fooled into thinking a cheap course will give you the same level of value and information. We often study those courses to ensure we are offering the most comprehensive course at the right price. The cheaper courses do not compare! 



Packed full of Knowledge



See how to carry out a healing treatment


Exercises, journals, sacred space guides, crysal excercises, affirmations and more


Learn the secrets we use to create a successful healing business – worth £997!


Spread the payment over 3 or 6 months, completely interest-FREE! 


Learn anytime, anywhere. At your own pace, all online. 


Full international accreditation with Certification upon completion of case studies


256BIT – Encryption


Yes, once you come to carry out your case studies, you will need crystals for the treatments. 

The Live classes are additional extras for your learning and development that are not compulsory. All live sessions will be recorded for you to re-watch at a time that is convienient to you. 

No, in order to qualify, you simply have to complete all the theory and knowledge and carry out, complete and submit all your case studies. But you can do this entirely at your own pace, no deadlines, no pressure! 

Yes, this is an online qualification. However, you will need to carry out your case study treatments  in person, with volunteers, and then submit your case study notes for marking.

We operate a NO REFUND policy on our Diploma courses. However, if your situation changes and you choose to cancel, you will be offered the opportunity to pause your membership until you are able to resume and continue with your qualifications. 

This course is suitable for beginners and experienced crystal healers. If you don’t have any prior experience, we recommend, that you enroll in the complete Crystal Healing Diploma which will also give you access to our 2 beginner courses as well as the practitioner Diploma. 

As part of this qualification, you will get to put all your learned knowledge into practise. You will treat 4 case study persons. And each of these people will receive 3 x treatments each. This will ensure your confidence and practical capabilities to a high standard, so that you feel confidence to begin treating clients after qualifying. 


Your chance to receive a truly unique and transformative 1:2:1 Spiritual Business & Entrepreneur Mentorship Programme

ILLUMINATED PATH – SOUL MENTORSHIP A truly unique and transformative 1:2:1 Spiritual Business & Entrepreneur Mentorship Programme —————————— This unique mentorship opportunity has been requested time and time again by my sound healing and crystal healing students who are ready to make a profound change in their lives. It is my heartfelt honor to share the wisdom, tools and skills that I have gained on my journey, with you. Due to the deep dive nature of this programme, and the beautiful journey we will co-create, I will only be offering 2 spaces in 2024. So book a call today.  Imagine living a life filled with sovereignty, joy, bliss, and abundance in every aspect. Doing what you love doing the very thing that nourishes your soul and lights you up from the inside. This program is your key to getting crystal clear, confident, and equipped with the knowledge to create a thriving 6-7 figure business as a healer or lightworker. I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learned on my personal journey to help you shine your beautiful light. The Spark that Ignited My Journey Years ago, I stood at the crossroads of a conventional career and an unspoken calling from within. The spiritual realm beckoned, and I answered. Little did I know that this leap of faith would lead to a flourishing business. I’ve been blessed to manifest not only my dream 6-figure career but also to relocate myself and my business from South East England to the magical island of Ibiza. Trusting the guidance of my teams in spirit, has seen my career as a healer and teacher soar and gone from strength to strength, seeing me teach and create space for some amazing people from all over the world. I have been blessed to be able to lead sound healing sessions at high-end retreats hosted by well-known prominent figures such as Marisa Peer and Dr Mark Hyman, to hosting bespoke 1:2:1 Retreats for celebrities flying in from Dubai and LA to see me. And I want to teach you everything I have learned along the way. Crafting Success from Spiritual Essence My journey wasn’t just about building a business; it was about infusing every endeavor with spiritual essence. The alignment of purpose and profit became my guiding principle, leading to a successful six-figure venture that resonates with authenticity and purpose. Your Invitation to Transformation Now, I extend an invitation to you – a fellow seeker, dreamer, and spiritual entrepreneur. Are you ready to transform your business and life? The 121 Spiritual Entrepreneur Mentorship at Holistic Serenity is designed to be your compass in this odyssey. Uncover Your Unique Brilliance Our journey begins with a personalized discovery session. Together, we’ll unravel the threads of your unique brilliance – your strengths, dreams, and untapped potential. The Fusion of Spirituality and Strategy Imagine a mentorship that goes beyond generic business advice. Picture a guidance system that fuses spiritual wisdom with strategic acumen, tailored to elevate your business while keeping your soul’s mission intact. From Dreamer to Achiever Whether you’re a dreamer with a spark or an entrepreneur seeking expansion, this mentorship is your gateway to transformation. Learn the art of manifesting your dreams into a tangible, successful reality. My 6-Month Spiritual Business Mentorship is a journey where spirituality and business intertwine using specific tools, techniques, strategies, and healings to take you, your mindset and your business to the next level. Ready to Radiate Your Light?  Read more about this spiritual Business 1:2:1 Mentorship here and if you feel the call, book a call with me today. 

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Unveiling Holistic Serenity: The Ultimate Destination for Holistic Healing in Ibiza

Greetings, everyone! James here, from Holistic Serenity. Today, I wanted to dive into the heart of what my wife, Nicole, and I dedicate ourselves to daily: holistic healing. From Angelic Reiki and Shamanic Healing to Crystals and Sound Healing, and more, we’ve developed a unique, multi-disciplinary approach that truly embodies the essence of holistic healing. What Is Holistic Healing? Before we delve into the details, let’s understand what holistic healing is. In essence, holistic healing is an approach to health and wellness that considers the whole person — mind, body, and spirit — in the quest for optimal health and wellness. As the experts of holistic healing at Holistic Serenity, we believe that if one part of the body is ignored or out of balance, it can affect overall health and well-being. Western medicine often treats the symptoms, a pain killer for a headache, but doesn’t look at what caused the headache. Holistic Healing at Holistic Serenity Nicole and I offer a wide range of healing services, from Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Shamanic Healings, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, to Tarot Reading and NLP. But more than these individual modalities, what sets us apart is our intuitive healing offer, where we often combine all of our teachings to tailor the perfect holistic healing service for those in need. Here’s a quick overview of each healing modality we specialize in and how it can help: 1. Reiki & Angelic Reiki Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan. It involves the practitioner placing their hands in various positions over or slightly above the client’s body to promote healing by directing life force energy. Angelic Reiki, on the other hand, brings in the divine vibration of the Angelic Kingdom to support the healing process. These modalities can alleviate stress, promote relaxation, and balance the body’s energy to facilitate self-healing. 2. Shamanic Healings Shamanic healing is an ancient spiritual method used to connect with nature and all of creation. It often involves journeying into spiritual realms for guidance and healing. This can help with emotional balance, spiritual growth, and physical health, offering a path to holistic wellness that speaks directly to the soul. 3. Crystal Healing Crystals have been used for centuries in various cultures for their healing properties. In crystal healing, stones are placed on or around the body to stimulate healing vibrations. Each crystal has its own unique energetic frequency and healing properties, which can help with anything from anxiety and depression to physical ailments. 4. Sound Healing Sound Healing is a practice that uses vibrations (from gongs, tuning forks, singing bowls, etc.) to relax the mind and body. The harmonious sounds can lower stress levels, increase blood circulation, balance chakras, and improve overall well-being. 5. Bach Flower Remedies Bach Flower Remedies are a set of 38 flower-based formulas that work to correct emotional imbalances, allowing peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself. They can be particularly helpful in addressing emotional challenges and facilitating psychological balance. 6. Tarot Reading Tarot is an excellent tool for self-reflection and understanding. Through symbolic imagery, Tarot reading can help individuals explore their subconscious and gain clarity about specific areas of their life, aiding in personal growth and mental clarity. 7. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) NLP is a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. It can treat problems such as phobias, depression, habit disorder, psychosomatic illnesses, and learning disorders. The Power of Integrated Healing At Holistic Serenity, we understand that everyone is unique, with their own unique journey towards healing and wellness. This is why we often combine these modalities, integrating them into a comprehensive, intuitive healing offer. This holistic approach ensures we address not just the symptoms but the root cause of the imbalance, leading to deep, lasting healing. Whether you’re seeking physical healing, emotional balance, spiritual growth, or overall wellness, Holistic Serenity is here to guide you on your path. Nicole and I invite you to experience the transformative power of holistic healing. Together, we can explore the perfect healing service for you, tailored to meet your individual needs. Remember, healing is not a one-size-fits-all journey, and at Holistic Serenity, we are here to walk alongside you on your unique path to wellness. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs where we will delve deeper into each healing modality and how it could be the key to unlocking your holistic health and well-being. Until then if you would like to book a healing or consultation please do contact us via our contact page. Until next time, be well, and remember: Healing happens holistically.

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Spiritual Retreats in Ibiza 2023: Unlocking Inner Transformation with Holistic Serenity

Ibiza – a Spiritual Retreat Destination Nestled in the breathtaking expanse of the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza beckons with its vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches. However, beyond its pulsating energy lies a hidden secret—a spiritual magnetism that pulls seekers from around the world towards its shores. This magnetic pull is rooted in the island’s spiritual lay lines, with one particular beacon of power standing tall: Es Vedra. Renowned for its serene and mystical allure, Ibiza has emerged as a sought-after destination for spiritual retreats. As visitors step foot on the island, they are enveloped by an energy that ignites a profound sense of solace, transformation, and deep connection with their inner selves. The spiritual lay lines that crisscross the island create a unique energetic landscape, infusing the very essence of Ibiza with an enchanting spiritual power. These energetic pathways serve as conduits for heightened spiritual experiences and personal growth, acting as a guiding force for those who are open to their transformative potential. At the heart of this energetic tapestry lies Es Vedra, a majestic rock formation rising from the sea. Often described as a beacon of spiritual power, Es Vedra emanates a magnetic energy that captivates the hearts and souls of visitors. It is believed to be a sacred place where ancient wisdom and divine energies converge, offering a gateway to deeper levels of consciousness and spiritual awakening. In this mystical setting, Ibiza’s spiritual retreats come alive. Seekers from all walks of life gather to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and inner exploration. Surrounded by the azure beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, participants are immersed in a transformative experience that resonates with the very soul of Ibiza. Holistic Serenity: Your Guides to Spiritual Retreats in Ibiza At the heart of Ibiza’s spiritual landscape, you will find Holistic Serenity, dedicated to offering transformative spiritual services. Meet Nicole Shields, a gifted channel to the Angelic realm, who creates a harmonious blend of celestial and earthly energies, providing a comprehensive range of healing practices and experiences. Nicole possesses a profound connection to the Angelic realm, channeling messages and light language directly from the heavens. Through her deep connection to source energy, she acts as a conduit for divine wisdom and guidance, bringing forth messages that resonate with participants’ souls. Her ability to tap into the Angelic realm creates a sacred space for spiritual growth and enlightenment.  Nicole is a gifted sound healers, utilizing the ethereal vibrations of sound to facilitate deep relaxation, energetic alignment, and emotional release. She incorporates crystal healing and Reiki energy into her sessions, creating a holistic approach to healing that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. Nicole’s long 20 year career in Holsitic Thereapies has seen her established as not only a sound healing specialist, but also an internationally accredited training provider. Nicole has been training students world wide to become certified practitioners in Sound Healing, as well as crystal healing and Reiki.   Holistic Serenity offers a sanctuary for those seeking spiritual nourishment and transformation. Embarking on a journey with them means embarking on a path of self-discovery, healing, and the awakening of one’s true potential. Holistic Serenity: International Training Providers for Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Usui Reiki, and Angelic Reiki Amidst the captivating spiritual energy of Ibiza, Holistic Serenity stands as a beacon of knowledge and expertise. As international training providers for various healing modalities, where Nicole teaches modalities including Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Usui Reiki, and Angelic Reiki, offering a unique opportunity for individuals to deepen their understanding and practice of these transformative disciplines. Holistic Serenity, has cultivated a reputation for their dedication to spiritual growth and their commitment to sharing their wisdom with others. With extensive experience and profound expertise, they have become esteemed figures in the realm of holistic healing and energy work. As sound healing specialists, Holistic Serenity incorporates the power of vibrational frequencies to harmonize and balance the subtle energies within the body. Through their international training programs, they provide individuals with the knowledge and techniques to utilize sound as a tool for healing, relaxation, and spiritual awakening. Crystal healing is another cornerstone of Holistic Serenity teachings. By harnessing the unique properties of crystals, participants in Nicole’s training programs learn how to work with these sacred stones to facilitate energetic alignment, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation. The wisdom passed down by Holistic Serenity empowers individuals to create profound shifts within themselves and in the lives of others. Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki, both powerful energy healing modalities, are also integral parts of Holistic Serenity’s training offerings. Usui Reiki focuses on channelling universal life force energy to promote balance, well-being, and spiritual growth. Angelic Reiki, on the other hand, involves working with angelic beings and their healing energies to facilitate deep healing on all levels of being. Through their international training programs, Holistic Serenity equips individuals with the skills, knowledge, and attunements necessary to become practitioners in these transformative modalities. Participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in comprehensive teachings, practical exercises, and hands-on experiences, guided by the expertise and wisdom of Nicole. Whether individuals aspire to embark on a professional healing journey or seek personal growth and self-healing, Holistic Serenity’s training programs provide a solid foundation for their aspirations. By sharing their profound understanding and expertise, Nicole and James empower individuals to step into their own healing potential and make a positive impact in the lives of others. In the enchanting landscape of Ibiza, Holistic Serenity offers a unique combination of spiritual retreats and international training programs. Through Nicole’s teachings, individuals not only experience personal transformation but also become ambassadors of healing and spiritual wisdom, spreading their light and knowledge to communities around the globe. Holistic Serenity’s international training programs for Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Usui Reiki, and Angelic Reiki serve as gateways to a world of profound healing and spiritual expansion. As seekers immerse themselves in the teachings of this spiritual duo, they find themselves equipped with the tools, knowledge, and deep connection to facilitate transformative change, both within themselves and in the world around them. Holistic Serenity: Your Guides to Spiritual Retreats in Ibiza   Meet Nicole Shields: Channeling Messages from the Angelic Realm Nicole Shields, the founder of Holistic Serenity, possesses a profound connection to source energy and the ethereal realms. Through her innate gifts, she serves as a channel to the Angelic realm, bringing forth messages and light language from the heavens to guide and uplift those on their spiritual journey. Nicole’s connection to source energy runs deep within her being. It is as if she is a bridge between the physical and the divine, allowing the energies of love and wisdom to flow through her effortlessly. This connection allows her to access the Angelic realm and establish a direct line of communication with celestial beings. As a skilled channel, Nicole has the unique ability to tap into the vast wisdom and guidance of the Angelic realm. Through her open heart and heightened intuition, she receives messages from angels, archangels, and other celestial beings. These messages are infused with divine light, bringing clarity, inspiration, and healing to those who receive them. Nicole’s gifts play a pivotal role in creating a sacred and transformative retreat experience. Her channelling abilities provide a direct connection to the higher realms, allowing participants to receive personalized messages and insights that are specifically tailored to their spiritual journeys. The messages channelled through Nicole offer guidance, support, and profound spiritual awakening, igniting a deeper connection to one’s purpose and inner truth. During retreats, Nicole creates a safe and nurturing space where individuals can explore their spirituality, heal emotional wounds, and expand their consciousness. Her channelling sessions serve as catalysts for personal growth and transformation, as participants receive the wisdom and loving guidance of the Angelic realm. Through these powerful experiences, individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their life path, and the interconnectedness of all things. In the embrace of Nicole’s channelling abilities, participants are invited to open their hearts, release limitations, and connect with the infinite love and wisdom that permeate the universe. Nicole’s gifts, combined with the serene backdrop of Ibiza, create a retreat experience that is both enlightening and profoundly healing. With added layers of healing received from Nicole’s use of crystal singing bowls, gongs, tibetan bowls, planetary chimes and steel tongued drums, you will find yourself immersed in energetic and sonic divine frequencies.  Join us for an Angelic spiritual day retreat guided by Nicole Shields, where the veils between the earthly and celestial realms are lifted, and the transformative power of the Angelic realm is accessed. Through her channelling, participants will embark on a sacred journey of self-discovery, soulful connections, and spiritual awakening in the beautiful landscape of Ibiza.   BOOK YOUR SPACE ON OUR ANGELIC SPIRITUAL HALF-DAY RETREAT HERE Meet James Shields: Shamanic Practitioner and Angelic Energy Worker James Shields, the other half of the Holistic Serenity duo, brings a wealth of wisdom and expertise as a shamanic practitioner and angelic energy worker. His profound connection to the natural world and his grounded practices create a transformative and earth-centred approach to healing and spiritual growth. Rooted in ancient Peruvian traditions, James’s shamanic practices encompass a deep reverence for nature and a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all living beings. He draws inspiration from the indigenous wisdom of many cultures and earth-based rituals to guide individuals on their spiritual journey. Through his shamanic practices, he facilitates deep healing, soul retrieval, and connection to the wisdom of the land. James’s work revolves around the elemental forces of fire, water, air, and earth. By harnessing the energies of these elements, he creates transformative experiences for retreat participants. The element of fire represents passion, transformation, and purification. Water symbolizes emotional healing, flow, and adaptability. Air signifies clarity, communication, and expansion. Earth represents grounding, stability, and nourishment. James skillfully weaves these elements into his practices, allowing participants to connect with their essence and experience profound personal growth. In addition to his shamanic practices, James incorporates various modalities into his healing work. Sound healing plays a significant role, as he utilizes the enchanting vibrations of Gongs and Tibetan singing bowls to create a harmonious and soothing atmosphere. The resonance of these instruments promotes relaxation, releases stagnant energies, and restores balance within the body and mind. Crystal healing is another essential aspect of James’s practice. He harnesses the unique properties of crystals to amplify energy, clear blockages, and facilitate healing on all levels. Crystals act as conduits for divine energy, enhancing the transformative power of the retreat experience. Moreover, James is a skilled Reiki practitioner, channelling universal life force energy to bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. The gentle yet powerful energy of Reiki works in synergy with other healing practices, creating a holistic and integrative approach to well-being. Through his comprehensive range of practices, James creates a sacred space where individuals can explore their inner realms, release limiting beliefs, and align with their authentic selves. His unique blend of shamanic wisdom, elemental work, sound healing, crystal healing, and Reiki energy offers a holistic and transformative experience for retreat participants. Join James Shields on a shamanic day retreat journey, where the wisdom of ancient practices meets the healing power of the earth and the cosmos. Together, you will embark on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and connection to the natural world, fostering profound healing and spiritual transformation in the enchanting setting of Ibiza.    BOOK YOUR SPACE ON OUR SHAMANIC HALF-DAY RETREAT HERE Bridging Science and Spirituality: James’ NLP Practice James Shields, as part of Holistic Serenity, brings a unique and valuable perspective to spiritual retreats through his role as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). With his expertise in NLP, James bridges the gap between the scientific world and the spiritual realm, offering participants a holistic and integrative approach to their personal growth and transformation. NLP is a powerful modality that focuses on the relationship between the mind, language, and patterns of behaviour. As an NLP practitioner, James guides individuals in understanding and

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