Are you looking to take your love and knowledge of crystals to the next level, but don’t have a lot of free time? 

Do you want the confidence to trust your own intuition when using crystals, but not quite sure how to get it? 

Do you have a desire to support others’ healing journeys using the beautiful power of crystals, but aren’t sure where to begin? 

Would you like to start earning money and create your own healing practice? 

Are you a holistic therapist already, and would like to offer another modality to your clients? 

Would you like some guidance on how to set up your own practice? 

This crystal healing diploma course has been developed to give you all the tools to increase your confidence when using crystals and also all the documents, techniques and information you need when starting your own crystal healing practice. 

We have also included a marketing masterclass to teach you social media skills and client generation techniques. 


I have combined 4 fantastic courses into one!

This diploma combines our crystal courses and our introduction to marketing course to give you everything you need to start a crystal healing business today, unlike anything else available online today.


The amount of information contained within will help you go from total novice to expert in no time at all. 


You’ll get access to our: 

  • Introduction to Crystal Healing for Everyday Life
  • Crystal Gridding with Confidence 
  • Level 3 Diploma for Crystal Healing Practitioners
  • Holistic Practitioner Marketing Master Class
  • Moon Bundle of Digital Download extras

No matter if you’re a crystal junkie, or a complete newbie, you will be given all the knowledge, tools and skills to start your crystal healing practitioner’s journey.


This course will not only teach you how to become an amazing healer, but you will learn how to find your clients and become a successful businessperson as well.

This course is about giving you every confidence in your skills and abilities to become the best version of yourself. 

I have dedicated years to obtaining my wealth of knowledge, but you don’t have to spend that long doing the same, as I have put it into a simple, easy-to-understand guide that anyone can start to use today! 

What does this course include?

You will complete this course knowing:

  • Which crystals you need in order to heal a variety of complaints.
  • Which crystals to acquire first in your crystal tool kit. 
  • A collection of unusual crystals which will help take your healing to the next level. 

​You will complete this course knowing:

  • How to use a pendulum and the power of your own intuition to evaluate what crystals you will need for your treatment
  • How to place crystals on the body, around the home and in your auric field to not only heal clients, but give your own life a boost!
  • How to cleanse, clear and recharge your crystals to keep them performing at their best. 

You’ll learn all the tools you need to start your practice right away. Including:

  • Client diagnosis.
  • How to carry out a consultation.
  • How to identify issues and blockages.
  • How to intuitively choose the right crystals for the job.
  • How to combine crystals for extra impact.
  • What are contraindications and how they affect your client’s treatment.
  • Aftercare instructions, what happens after treatment. 
  • How to treat clients from a distance, without being in the same room!  
  • Gain all the knowledge you need to be a practising crystal healer.
  • Boost your confidence and belief in your abilities as a healer.
  • Join a community of crystal healers aimed at helping you become the best healer you can be. 

In order to qualify, the course and case studies will be required but you can complete them as quickly as you like. No Pressure, No time Frame, Go at your own pace. I am here to support you and help you qualify at a pace that suits your situation in life. 


You are able to work from the comfort of your own home, you can work at your own pace, in a way that best suits you. You will only pass the diploma with certification once all your case studies have been completed, submitted and passed, and all payments have been made. 

Our masterclass empowers you with the essential strategies to establish and grow your business’ marketing:

Dive into practical guidance on crafting a captivating brand and business identity that shines in Google searches.
Unlock the secrets to attracting clients right from the start using the power of social media.
Turbocharge your Instagram growth with our laser-focused 30-day Accelerator, expanding your followers by 1,000 in just 30 days.
Harness Facebook to elevate your business, fostering a community of loyal customers who eagerly return to your events.
Optimize your Instagram and Facebook profiles to generate a steady influx of new clients.
Master the art of Facebook ads, the driving force behind 90% of our business.
Receive 500 social media post ideas and suggestions, eliminating guesswork and kickstarting your content journey.
Learn how to craft compelling content that transforms followers into clients.
Gain access to an annual content plan, ensuring you’re never at a loss for fresh, engaging ideas.

  • This course is fully accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.
  • The qualification is Globally applicable and can be used around the world.
  • You will need to supply a set of case studies in order to receive your certificate.
  • Accountability ensures you will earn your certification with pride.
  • Earn peace of mind and the confidence to practise knowing you’re fully capable.
  • Full support throughout the process, we are dedicated to helping you qualify.

Gain access to our private Facebook community, where connection and collaboration thrive.
Share your journey, wisdom, and support with fellow members in a nurturing environment.
Enjoy early access to exclusive discounts and engaging content.
Engage in live Q&A sessions that foster growth and understanding.
Immerse yourself in transformative Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl sound baths.
Delve into exclusive, soul-soothing meditations.
Be the first to know about upcoming workshops with early bird announcements.
Enhance your holistic business acumen with insightful marketing masterclasses.

  • When you sign up you’ll also get access to my digital Moon Crystal Bundle, packed full of:

    • Meditations
    • Crystal exercises
    • Moon journal
    • Daily Affirmation cards
    • Intention setting journal 

Not only have we kept the price low to make this course more accessible for everyone, but you have the option to spread the cost of the course over monthly instalments. You can choose to pay for the course over 3 or 6 months, or the most cost-effective option is to pay in one easy payment up front.  

All payments must be completed in order for certification to be issued. 

Discover the freedom to learn on your terms, anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Whether on a mobile device or computer, our course is accessible across the globe, empowering you to embark on your transformational journey at your own pace.

Nicole Shields is the founder of Holistic Serenity and a fully qualified and certified Crystal Healer and has worked closely with crystals for over 23 years.

Nicole has worked tirelessly to ensure this course delivers everything a new crystal healer could need to start working with them today. 

Unlike many other online training providers, Nicole worked for many years as an adult education training provider and tutor assessor, and has used her knowledge and experience to create this course, focusing on the tools and knowledge you’ll need to be able to start a practice upon completion. 

I recently completed the Diploma in Crystal Healing and what a beautiful journey. Nicole guides you through the top crystals you need in your toolkit, the chakras, how to use a pendulum to diagnose your clients' needs, how to carry out a treatment session and much more. There are wonderful exercises in each module to help you connect with your crystals even further and videos to guide you through interacting with your clients. The course I a perfect balance between theory and practice. If you're thinking about whether to take the plunge and enroll, then definitely go for it. Dont worry about producing the case studies either. At first, this might seem a little daunting, but the support and guidance you get from the Facebook group on top of Nicole's notes and pointers will make this a really lovely part of the journey. Truly, one of the best courses I have ever done.
Kate Wood

Hear from Nicole Shields founder of Holistic Serenity on why she created this course

I took a huge amount away from this course, the first thing was to have a huge amount more respect for Crystals
Faye Shirmer
Holistic Therapist

Join my Crystal Healing Diploma course today for just £575


When you sign up for our Level 3 Diploma course you not only get a bumper-packed course full of information about crystals, but you’ll also get a massive second course totally for FREE! 

We have included our entire Spiritual Business Marketing Course. This is a massive saving of £1,111, an amazing bargain for anyone aspiring to start a spiritual business using crystals. 

Our Marketing course helps you with exactly how to start a Spiritual Business from Scratch, how to set up a brand new business profile. Creating your own brand, and how to set everything up on social media. 

This bonus course not only teaches you how to fill your books with clients but it also gives you 500 social media post ideas alongside our full 2022 Content Calendar Plan!

So you won’t have to struggle with what to post for the next two years! 

The 30 day Instagram Accelerator will teach you how to grow your Instagram profile with 1,000 new engaged and interested followers in just 30 days!

Would you like to speak with me, the course creator?


Untitled design - 2022-06-04T191251.126

Learning a new modality can be a big undertaking, and sometimes a little daunting. 

So you want to make sure you’re learning with someone who resonates with you, and so that you know you’re going to be happy on the course. 

That’s why I have set up a free call option. If you have any questions, or would like to talk about the course and what you will gain from being part of it. 

Do you want to be a Practitioner?

This fully accredited diploma will give you all the tools to set up your own Crystal Healing Practice

For over 20 years I’ve worked with Crystals in my everyday life, and used them to bring my life into balance as well as offer powerful healing to my clients.

I have drawn upon my years as a tutor assessor for a top UK training provider to create a course designed to help you not only learn crystal healing but give you guidance on setting up your own practice 

I put this course together because I didn’t feel that any other course online gives you quite enough information to become a practitioner with confidence, at an affordable price. 

This course will teach you practical Crystal Healing, and give you the complete guide to setting up your own practice. 

The easy-to-follow structure will teach you everything you need to know quickly and will help you have the confidence to start your own safe and successful practice. 

You will join our online community of healers and crystal enthusiasts. A safe place to share and learn from each other, and build life-long friendships.

You will also benefit from direct access to me for any questions you have in regular live Q&As

We have also launched our small business marketing masterclass, offering you advice on how to get the most out of your social media and generate an abundance of new business clients 

​At the end of this course, no matter what your goal, you will be ready to create sacred space and use your intuition to heal others.

Course highlights include


Special bespoke Soundbath Meditations to support your healing journey, allowing you to relax and restore. 


Detailed video tutorials on all aspects of client diagnosis, treatment and aftercare.



A hugely in-depth, fully comprehensive approach to all the tools you’ll need to become a practitioner. 


You will receive all the documents you need to begin your practice including:

  • Client diagnosis forms
  • Client treatment notes 
  • Aftercare instructions


Meditate with this video guided meditation to gain a deeper connection to your crystals.



Crystal Gridding is an amazing way to manifest and supercharge the energy of your crystals. Crystal grids are the secret to my success in manifesting my dream life, and I’ll teach you what I’ve learned. 

You’ll learn my go-to top 10 crystal grids to get manifesting fast!



I’ll teach you the different sacred geometry patterns, their function, and how to use them to supercharge your crystal grids.


This course will teach you the must have 13 crystals for any healers tool kit. 


Learn everything you need to start a sound healing business, grow your client base and generate a never ending stream of clients using social media.



  • 30 day Instagram Accelerator Challenge.
  • Facebook Mastery – Groups, Pages and Ads all explained. 
  • 500 content ideas for creating social media posts.
  • 365 Day content calendar


Worth £997 on it’s own!



Get this course today for just


Don’t be fooled into thinking a cheap course will give you the same level of value and information. We often study those courses to ensure we are offering the most comprehensive course at the right price. The cheaper courses do not compare! 



Packed full of Knowledge



See how to carry out a healing treatment


Exercises, journals, sacred space guides, crysal excercises, affirmations and more


Sign up and get our 2 intro courses as well!


Full international accreditation with Certification upon completion of case studies


Learn the secrets we use to create a successful healing business – worth £997!


Spread the payment over 3 or 6 months, completely interest-FREE! 


Learn anytime, anywhere. At your own pace, all online. 


256BIT – Encryption


Yes, once you come to carry out your case studies, you will need crystals for the treatments. 

The Live classes are additional extras for your learning and development that are not compulsory. All live sessions will be recorded for you to re-watch at a time that is convienient to you. 

No, in order to qualify, you simply have to complete all the theory and knowledge and carry out, complete and submit all your case studies. But you can do this entirely at your own pace, no deadlines, no pressure! 

Yes, this is an online qualification. However, you will need to carry out your case study treatments  in person, with volunteers, and then submit your case study notes for marking.

We operate a NO REFUND policy on our Diploma courses. However, if your situation changes and you choose to cancel, you will be offered the opportunity to pause your membership until you are able to resume and continue with your qualifications. 

This course is suitable for beginners and experienced crystal healers. If you don’t have any prior experience, we recommend, that you enroll in the complete Crystal Healing Diploma which will also give you access to our 2 beginner courses as well as the practitioner Diploma. 

As part of this qualification, you will get to put all your learned knowledge into practise. You will treat 4 case study persons. And each of these people will receive 3 x treatments each. This will ensure your confidence and practical capabilities to a high standard, so that you feel confidence to begin treating clients after qualifying.