The link between emotional and physical wellbeing.

emotional and physical wellbeing

It may not be the obvious thing that you would think of and often times as so many of us know, in life things do come in threes.

Today’s world is so fast-paced and hectic and it’s not always a conscious choice we make but rather a case of us getting caught up in what life throws at us. You find that you almost trundle through on autopilot. Not taking time to think that life needs to slow down. That you do in fact need that late-night candlelit bubble bath to unwind and process the day or what is happening in your life at the moment.

The fact is that more often or not, those things that come in threes, are things that cause sadness, frustration, stress, anxiety etc.  Times when it feels like your almost drowning for trying to keep all those spinning plates in the air. We are only human after all. And there are times when life really does become too much!

When it starts to impact your emotional and mental wellbeing, often that in turn can have a direct link and impact on our physical wellbeing. Stress, grief, depression are all well known for being linked to physical ailments. People underestimate the impact our emotional and mental wellbeing can have on how our bodies function.

I have treated many a client who soldier on, go on autopilot because it’s the only way to cope with ‘mum’s cancer, or his wife’s heart attack’. And when the stress or the worst part of life stress has passed or the worst it over, that’s when the body takes a huge hit from major illness or injury. And all the stress, grief and anxiety manifest themselves physically. Because everything needs It’s release.

How many times have you bottled things up, not allowed yourself to let out your pain, have a good old cry, only to find you get the flu or some other illness and the body forces you to rest, recoup and let out the pain?  I myself have suffered pneumonia and meningitis in the past for the exact same reasons.

There are times, when undeniably you have to soldier on. It’s the only way because to let it out will mean possible failure to carry on. Like nursing a loved one through a terminal illness for example. But there are ways that we can support ourselves by allowing emotional and mental healing to begin. It doesn’t have to consist of soul bearing, heart wrenching therapy at a time when all your inner strength and resolve is needed.  It could be gentle and soothing and allow for you to naturally face your emotions and naturally have strength to let the tears flow but the mental resolve to also keep going. To have the balance to allow the ups and down’s be less intense and less of a juxtaposition spiralling you into dark depths.

Bach Flower remedies can support in just that way. They support us to deal with our emotions gently so that getting through life is a little easier and a little less traumatic. If you are suffering with long-term illness, your symptoms will be further compounded by the way you feel about your symptoms, which could be depression isolation etc. But if you treat the way you feel about those symptoms, you won’t notice them so much.

Have you ever noticed in the elderly for example, someone whose life is enriched and blessed with hobbies, families and friends ever present, how they cheerily brush of their ailments. And those who are isolated and have nothing to live for are consumed by their ailments and they seem so much worse, even if both people are suffering the same physically.

The emotional and mental well-being can have a huge direct impact on how we manage and cope with those ailments. We don’t give our emotional health enough credit or the same level of importance as our physical health, when there is no denying that the two are intertwined and just as important as each other. So next time you feel yourself consumed by anger, sadness or find you are struggling to find motivation or focus, please do consider Bach Flower Remedies as a natural, gentle way to bring balance back into your life.

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