The background scoop on me.

Nicole Shields

I know there are those who like a little back story and want to know who’s words and advise they are reading. And quite rightly so. So I thought I would give you some information on me and answer some questions that I have been asked over time.

My most frequent question has been how did I come to be a Holistic therapist. Well I think I was always destined to live this way of life. It was what was to become my blood, long before my conception. Both my parents were fairly spiritual and I vividly remember my mum having healing crystals in our home.

My mother was an acupuncturist, physiotherapist and Chinese Herbalist. Which meant my childhood consisted of being the equivalent of a human pin cushion the second I developed the slightest illness, gargling cider vinegar on daily basis long before it was ever was even widely known, much less popularised. The wardrobes in our spare room housed Kombucha (much to my disgust).

By age 12 my chronic eczema that meant I couldn’t wear shorts or t-shirts without total embarrassment and shame, was totally and completely reversed by a Homeopath. (For years previously I’d tried everything possible and all western medical interventions were either unsuccessful or offered only a short relief) So I guess it really was inevitable that I took this path looking back on it.

Through a chance encounter at 18, I experienced my first Reiki treatment. It was one of those defining moments in time that you can still remember with acute clarity, down to the floor cushions and the smell of incense in the background. That experience really resonated with me on a deep level for years to follow, and was always in the back of my mind. A few years later after lots of reading and research, I decided I wanted to start practising Reiki and was very fortunate to find a wonderful local Reiki Master who has taken me through all of my levels from 1 to Master/Teacher.

For the turmoil’s and emotional traumas that life presented, as it does to us all, because of my love of homeopathy, I also had a knowledge of Edward Bach and his wonderful Bach Flower Remedies which I used for all those instances when I needed emotional support. Throughout my life they have supported me in such a profound and powerful yet gentle way, that I found I was raving about them to anyone who was low or suffering emotionally. One day the penny clicked and I decided to embark on my Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner Diploma and have not looked back since.

The internet has enabled me to work with people all over the world and I still marvel at those lovely messages I receive from people who are so astounded how a simple flower remedy can support them through what can sometimes be devastating emotional traumas, stress, anxiety, grief and so much more. I’ve been able to see the sparkle return to people, for them to be uplifted and see their confidence and inner spirit grow and it truly is something very humbling to be a small part of.

And now I’ve qualified as a Sound Healing practitioner, specialising in Crystal and Himalayan Singing bowls. The moment I experienced them first hand I was so overwhelmed with their powerful healing and calming energy that I knew I was destined to work with them.

Quite simply put, I love what I do!!

It’s what I was always meant to do. Of that I am more sure than I have ever been of anything. I am so blessed and honoured to have people put their trust in me to support them in raising their vibrations, raising their spirit, helping to facilitate their healing and helping them embrace their full potential. I think it’s very important to add, that I never say that I heal, because that is not what I do! I’m more of what I like to think of as a facilitator. And it is my biggest joy (asides from my husband) and my biggest privilege in this life.

So there you go all. That’s my holistic journey in a nutshell!

Sending much love.

Nicole – Holistic Serenity.

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