Shamanic Practises

Jay is our resident Shamanic Healing Practitioner and available for healing treatments and fire ceremonies. 

Shamanic Healing

Based at our private villa in the centre of Ibiza we offer private Shamanic Healing Illumination ceremonies.

Illumination ceremonies are a powerful way to shed past trauma, anger, hate, fear and aggression. They help you to let go of the stories you hold onto that do not serve your higher purpose. 

We all hold within us pain, suffering, guilt and hurt. We tell ourselves stories that are not true, but we believe them as if they are. Illumination ceremonies shine a light onto these dark places within us and allow us to shed the negativity of our past to become a lighter, happier version of ourselves. 

Jay is an intuitive shamanic practitioner, no two illumination ceremonies are the same, each ceremony focused on that which you need and will be part of who you become. 

When you visit Jay for a ceremony you become linked, both of your sharing the healing experience, with follow up homework to be carried out by you and Jay, that is the way of an Illumination ceremony, the healer and the healee united in healing the past trauma that they both share. 

Fire Ceremonies

Fire ceremonies are a very special and magical event. 

They allow us to shed our past and release that which no longer serves, to offer to the fire that which holds us back and severs the ties to those thoughts, patterns and behaviours that stop us from becoming more fulfilled. 

Fire ceremonies simultaneously allow us to call forward that which we want to manifest into our lives, to offer to the fire our hearts desires for a better and more rewarding life. 

In the ceremony you will sing to the spirit of water, to call into balance the elements of fire and water, as we give our offerings to the spirits of the 4 winds, mother Gaia and Great Spirit Wakan tanka. You will rattle, or drum, you can dance and feel the spirits throughout your being. 

This is a fun and joyous occasion to release, let go of your inhibitions, release the ties which hold you back and usher in a new freedom of your soul to set foot on the path of a new life. 

Fire Ceremonies can be held at our private villa for small groups, or Jay can come to your villa to host them if you have a suitable fire pit/fire area. 

Contact Jay directly to book via Whatsapp +44 7515 113 645