Powerful Shamanic healing in Ibiza to release your past trauma

shamanic healing in Ibiza

This month I performed my first Shamanic Healing in Ibiza on a client and it was just as magical as it had been when I was practising back in the UK. If not more so, because of the wonderful setting we were carrying out the ceremony.

As a shamanic practitioner, I find it fascinating to perform healings on those who find their way to me, for we were each upon this path long before either of us knew it. Both destined for our paths to cross and create a symbiotic healing process.

In Shamanic practises we do not perform healings directly upon those who wish to be healed, we simply hold space and allow the spirits themselves to perform the healing work.

Holding space has always had a magical place in my heart but since arriving on the island my life has taken a very different path. My wonderful wife Nicole attuned me to Angelic Reiki and I have spent many meditations and ceremonies in deep conversation with my healing angels regarding my plans, wants and desires and their participation in the journey laid out before me.

I had always felt called towards shamanic practises and had sought many different shamanic healers on the island, and found some beautiful souls. There are many healers here on this oasis of serenity but so far I have had the pleasure of meeting just a handful, it is early days and I’ve plenty of time to meet more. But I have found it hard to gain an audience with some of those recommended to me.

One challenge I have here in Ibiza is that I am not known that well yet, having only been on this magical white island for a short period of time I’ve not built up a name or reputation. People don’t know who I am or what I represent, and therefore it seems I am finding it hard to break into the healing circles here. Being new to any ecosystem there will always be some resistance and I fully understand and fully accept that these things take time, and I have found my balance with that.

But it is because of this resistance, without consciously realising it until now, I had moved away from my shamanic practices. I moved into the realm of pure light, towards the 10th-dimensional beings, to working with only 100% pure light healing energy, that is, until I received a message from someone looking for shamanic healing in Ibiza.

It makes me chuckle at the whimsy of the spirit world, and how it has led me on my journey. We are all upon a path, and those with which we cross and intertwine can be for many reasons. We may find ourselves out of balance from a collision of paths, meeting those who at the time seem to upset our journey, but each was meant for us, each path we cross wields a gift, we have to just look to find the true reward within. Sometimes those gifts are simply to open our eyes to things we kept in the shadows, or things we thought to be one thing when really they are another.

Spirit never gives you an exact map, there is no X that marks the spot of happiness; that would be too easy. Rather they give you riddles, clues to finding your way. Even if sometimes you have to backtrack a little to find yourself on familiar ground before continuing your journey. Life is full of love, wonder and laughter, we often get caught up in the negativity of it all, but we must realise that to hold onto past trauma is not to define who we are, but to hold us back from who we truly are.

My time here in Ibiza has helped me to see many facets of myself and find comfort and solace in my faults. To find peace with who I am and to truly use those lessons to become the healer I am meant to be. So when I am approached for healing I become energised with the notion of crossing paths with another soul that I can help to release the weights that hold them back and give them a little gentle encouragement with their life’s riddles.

It was this most recent healing that I found a renewed sense of self. A renewed love for my shamanic practises. The ceremony we carried out was a powerful and insightful journey into both of our hearts, for my ceremonies are a symbiotic experience, we heal together deep within and over time will help each other to heal further through that connection. It was a ceremony of self-belief, self-love, self-release, a ceremony of letting go, and it healed us both.

I am truly blessed to have reaffirmed my path, to tread down the weeds and smooth the soil beneath my feet. To feel mother Gaia whisper to me again, to hear her wisdom as my own words, to feel that connection to spirit and the love in my heart. But I forget that my first true shamanic healing in Ibiza was quite different indeed.

My First Shamanic Healing in Ibiza

My first actual Shamanic healing in Ibiza was actually upon my wife. Not because she needed to release any past trauma but because of an all-new trauma that befell her when giving a distant treatment. Don’t let her know this but I idolise my wife, little does she know it, but her abilities are mesmerising, she has a gift unlike any I’ve experienced, she knows things and sees things that only a gifted healer can, and I look to her for much guidance and wisdom, even if at times she and I have an a-typical marriage.

Upon this day though, she had made a very easy to make mistake. Treating new clients without taking the proper security steps to energetically protect herself from negative entities. We can all become a little foolhardy when tasks become familiar, think about all the bad habits you have when you’re driving. But this was something of a lesson we both needed a good strong reminder about. She was giving a long term client distant healing and during the session, she felt an entity attach itself to her back and she was told by her healing angels that I was the one who had to remove it.

I myself had never performed a ceremony of such power and was very careful to take every precaution and measure to ensure we were both protected and that the entity would not revisit either of us once dealt with. This ceremony was unlike any I had carried out before and I intuitively removed the negative entity and replaced it with a healing light to sever the connection and prevent a reoccurrence.

Healings of this type were not something I imagined I would be doing for my wife, but we both had a powerful wake-up call that day and heard a new calling to help others with their healing journeys. To help them banish negative entities and rid them of the stories past trauma cause us to dwell upon.

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