Reasons to love Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts

Whilst there are a lot of people who widely regard the benefit of Epsom salts and use them regularly, there are a lot of people who don’t know what they are and more importantly, what they can do for us. 

First of all, what are Epsom salts? Well, Epsom salt is not the traditional salt you have sat in your cupboard or on your dining table, they are actually a mineral compound made up of magnesium sulfate. Epsom salts are small colourless crystals and do not look like salt that we immediately think of. Magnesium sulfate is a mineral, that many of us are lacking in.

As our agricultural approach has changed over the years and our consumption of processed foods has increased, it has had a direct impact on our magnesium levels. Epsom salts are such an easy way to boost our levels which ultimately give our health a nice boost.

The properties of Epsom Salts

Epsom salts act as a natural anti-inflammatory as well as exfoliate. They are fantastic with treating dry skins, skin conditions, and especially muscle and back aches & pains.

One scoop or two in your bath and you’ll emerge with silky smooth exfoliated skin. I am a big fan of adding a couple drops of your favourite essential oil to the bath too for a completely relaxing pampering session. To make it an even better experience, I highly recommend lighting  candles all around the bath. It is total bliss. Believe me! 

They relive abdominal cramping and pain, and tired and sore feet are soothed by them! So try a hot bath and adding one or two scoops and lets nature do the rest!

The can help to regulate your blood sugar because both suflate and magnesium improve your body’s ability to both produce and use insulin, so they can help regulate your blood sugar, which in turn can lower the risk of developing diabetes.

Epsom salts are also known to help relive constipation. Dissolving a teaspoon of the salts to a warm drink once a day. However I should state that if your symptoms persist for more than a few days, you should go see you GP.

For around the home, Epsom salts are also a great of stubborn grease on pots and pans and tile grout. For me they are an essential household item that I always like to have around, but I must admit, I most prefer them for my pamper sessions.

Over the years I have tried all manner of combinations of oils, herbs and Epson salts for my bath.  I personally enjoy them best mixed with a little Himalayan bath salts and lavender and geranium essential oil and sprinkled with a little dried lavender and rose bud for that feeling of decadence, and an extra soothing boost and feel good pampering session.

If you would like to buy some Epsom salts this website is a great place to get the best salts

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