Protection & Grounding with Black Tourmaline

grounding with black tourmaline

Sometimes life brings us situations and life events, where it can be almost impossible not to get caught up in our own negative thought patterns or energy or become affected by the lower invitational energy of others. 

This can have a big impact on affecting our mood, our own energy output and our ability to deal with day to day life stuff. 

There are however ways we can ground and protect ourselves and raise our own vibration.  In addition to mindfulness, meditation and holistic therapies, crystal healing is a fantastic easy and natural way of doing this . Working with crystals is something you can do right away. The magic of crystals is that because they are natural, and are thousands of years old, their energy and vibratory rate is high. This means that if you are feeling low, and you spend time just holding and connecting to a crystal. Your personal vibration will raise to match the energy of the crystal. 

Grounding with Black Tourmaline

Grounding with Black Tourmaline is your ultimate champion, defender and keeper of your personal light. It will lift, boost and energise you, and it will keep you safe. Fantastic aid for EFT transmissions.  Keep this beauty in your home office and on your person. 

A perfect piece to wear as a necklace pendant or bracelet, and a crystal I highly advocate having to hand at all times. It really will be your superhero companion.

Black Tourmaline is aligned with your root chakra which helps with grounding you and supporting you in feeling more centred. 

Grounding with Black Tourmaline will dispel your own and anyone else’s negativity. A great aid to undisturbed sleep. A great shield if you are working with spell work or manifesting. This fantastic crystal will protect you from bad vibes and help create a protective energetic force-field around you and your home.

Keep a piece by your front door or the threshold to your home for an extra level of protection.

If you would like to learn how to empower your life with crystal healing today, our Introduction to Crystal Healing for Everyday Life E-Learning course is everything you need to start creating powerful life changes today. Sign up for our introduction course today!

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