Crystal Healing Practitioner Training Retreat



In addition to this live training, with hands-on teaching, guidance, the opportunity to practice, and have all your questions answered, you will also receive LIFETIME access to our online version of this course which is content rich with knowledge, information,  bespoke healings for your to receive, journals to connect with your crystalline tools, an online soundbath, and our online Marketing Course, supporting you to reach you ideal client base, on social media and in person.

Your retreat will include advanced skills such as:

  • Crystals for various functions  and ailments
  • The Science and history behind crystal healing
  • Manifesting with Crystal Grid
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Creating Crystal Elixirs
  • How to Cleanse, Clear and Programme Crystals
  • Disant Crystal Healing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Working with pendulums
  • How to cleanse and protect your own energy field and protect from psychic attacks
  • Cord cutting
  • Working with the Violet flame
  • The Science and History of Crystal Healing
  • How to set up a crystal healing practice
  • How to set up sacred space
  • How to fully diagnose and carry out a crystal healing treatment
  • How to provide aftercare

As part of the retreat, you will receive the opportunity to carry out hands-on practice and carry out case studies in order to earn your internationally recognised qualification with pride. You will complete this course feeling confident and able to hold space for your clients in a ways that empower and uplifts them. You will gain a deep understanding of how to use crystals in your own life to support your personal well-being, support loved ones, and even pets.

Also as part of the training package you will receive

  • A crystal practitioner starter kit including some crystals and all your practitioner forms
  • Bespoke live healings/meditations
  • 1:2:1 Mentoring & support
  • Confidence building
  • Crystal Gridding interactive workshop

Certification will be awarded after the successful completion of case studies, where you will treat 2 people, each receiving 2 treatments. You will receive a Fully Certified Level 3 Practitioner qualification that is accredited by the IPHM and is recognised worldwide.

Investment for this retreat AND LIFETIME access to the online version and the marketing masterclass is €700

If you have already completed our crystal diploma course and would like to join us for this course, please contact us for a special offer, where you only have to pay the difference between the full ticket price and what you’ve already invested in your diploma.

Crystal Grid for Manifesting inner peace

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April, June, August


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