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Celtic Cross Tarot Reading - 10 Card Spread

Do you have a burning question you want to answer that you just don’t know what to do?

Do you need some clarity or guidance in regards to romance or a life situation?

Do you have a gut feeling about a new job but want to get some clarity?

No matter the question you have tarot card readings are a great tool for getting some perspective.

The wonder of the cards is that they come from a place of unbias, so will give you the answers that you need to hear.

If you have a specific question you would like to ask then please be sure to include this in the additional notes section of the checkout, thank you



The Celtic Cross Tarot card reading is the most popular card reading in the world of tarot reading, and for good reason.

The Celtic Cross Tarot reading offers the most in-depth reading on a subject, question or problem and can give great perspective and insight into your situation unlike other layouts with fewer cards.

Having worked with tarot cards for over a decade Jay loves to use this medium for everyday conundrums, to get clarity on projects and decisions, and when you just want to know what the year ahead will be like.

Jay comes from a lineage of mediums and shamanic practitioners and his readings often give goosebumps where they are so accurate.

Once you place your order Jay will contact you with your reading, you don’t need to specify a question. However, if you have a specific question you wish to make then please include this in the additional notes section of the checkout to let us know what you would like some clarity on and we will return your reading as soon as possible.

Tarot cards have been around for hundreds of years ever since the card was invented, since then they have helped many people to make decisions and choices.

To be clear a Celtic Cross Tarot Reading cannot tell the future, but it can give you options, warnings, insights, and guidance on potential hurdles and obstacles you may face.

You can also use them to seek clarity on a decision, even if you chose not to side with the suggestions of the cards, they will help you to get clarity in your own mind.


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