Angel Card Reading with Channelled message & healing LIVE on Zoom

Angel Card Reading with Channeled Message & Healing LIVE on Zoom

Experience the transformative power of our Angel Card Reading with Channeled Message & Healing LIVE on Zoom. Guided by the powerful Archangel Metatron, Nicole offers a unique session combining an angel card reading with intuitive energy healing to bring you clarity, guidance, and deep inner peace.

Key Features:

  • Live Zoom Angel Card Reading: Engage in a 45-60 minute live Zoom session with Nicole. Using a beautiful Angel Oracle deck, Nicole will draw cards that provide personalized guidance and insights tailored to your energy and questions.
  • Intuitive Energy Healing: Experience an energy healing session designed to remove blockages, release stagnant energy, and create a harmonious flow within you. This healing promotes deep peace and balance, enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of the reading.
  • Guidance from Archangels and Spirit Guides: Nicole connects with Archangels Metatron and Jophiel, along with your personal guides, to deliver profound messages and insights relevant to your spiritual journey. She taps into her intuitive abilities and channels healing energy directly from these divine beings to you.

Ideal For:

  • Life Guidance: Seeking guidance on life choices, career directions, romance, or any area requiring support.
  • Spiritual Inspiration: Receiving inspiration and messages from the angelic realm.
  • Energy Balance: Experiencing a deep sense of peace and energetic balance through intuitive healing.

How It Works:

  1. Book Your Session: Schedule your session at a mutually convenient time.
  2. Submit Your Questions: Include any specific questions in the additional notes section at checkout.
  3. Join the Live Zoom Session: Participate in a face-to-face Zoom meeting where Nicole will draw 5 cards and provide an intuitive reading followed by an energy healing session.
  4. Receive Your Recording: If requested, receive a recorded copy of the session via email.

Nicole’s Connection Process:

Nicole’s process of connecting with the healing angels and guides is profound and meticulous. She begins each session by centering herself and calling upon Archangels Metatron and Jophiel, known for their wisdom and healing energy. Nicole then invites your personal guides and angels to join the session, ensuring the guidance and healing are specifically tailored to your needs.

As she draws the angel oracle cards, Nicole channels messages and insights directly from these divine beings. She combines the wisdom of the cards with the intuitive information she receives, providing you with clear and actionable guidance. During the healing portion, Nicole works with the angelic energy to clear blockages and restore balance, allowing for a deep sense of peace and alignment.


  • Personalized Insights: Receive tailored guidance directly relevant to your unique situation.
  • Energy Clearing: Experience the removal of blockages and stagnant energy for better flow and peace.
  • Divine Connection: Connect with powerful archangels and spirit guides, receiving their wisdom and healing energy.

Book Now:

Unlock the wisdom and healing power of the angels with a personalized reading and energy healing session.

Please Note: Your reading will take place live on Zoom at a mutually agreed time. If you would like the session recorded, please indicate this during booking.



Do you have a question you want to answer that you just don’t know what to do? Are you in need of some angelic guidance and inspiration? Join Nicole for an online face-to-face zoom meeting, for 60-minute reading and healing, receiving any other intuitive message and guidance that Nicole picks up that is relevant to your and your journey.

If you need guidance relating to life choices, vocational directions, projects, romance, or anything that requires support, an Angel Oracle Card reading could be just what you need to give you guidance.

Using a beautiful Angel Oracle Deck , this intuitive reading will be carried out for you by connecting to Nicole’s guides Metatron and Jophiel and your own to bring you messages you need to know or relate to a question you have asked to be answered.

5 cards will be drawn for you depending on what is being guided for your highest good.

If you have a specific question you would like to ask then please be sure to include this in the additional notes section of the checkout.

Following the healing and Angelic Reiki treatment will also take place, to integrate any thing that is required.

Your reading will take place live on Zoom at a mutually agreed time.


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