The powerful effects of virtual soundbaths

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Just how powerful are the effects of virtual soundbaths? This is a question to is often raised and talked about. And in all fairness, it’s a really valid question. 

If you are not in the ambient setting, in front of the healing and restorative instruments played during a soundbath, receiving the high vibe and positive intentions, can you really receive the vibrations, frequencies, and sounds? 

Well, I’m here to tell you, that YES you can! 

While soundbaths are typically performed in group settings, there is no doubt that you can receive benefits from receiving sound therapy as part of your at-home practice. The beautiful versatility of virtual soundbaths, is that you can still experience all the benefits from your bedroom, or lying on the sofa at home, sat in your garden, even at the beach, as long as you can find a quiet spot to enjoy the soundbath, and I highly recommend a good set of headphones, then you can enjoy all the healing without the need to ever leave the house. 

In current times, anxiety, sleep disorders, and stress are at an all-time high. Our emotional bodies, immune systems, as well as physical bodies, have all felt the impact of the last 2 years. This in itself has caused our nervous systems to be impacted and our fight or flight response is fully engaged, preventing us from restoring our natural balance and harmony. 

A virtual soundbath is accessible, easy, enjoyable, gentle, and the perfect way to restore your balance in a subtle non-intrusive way. 

Do virtual Soundbaths work?

Having been blessed to share lots of online soundbaths in private, and group events, I have lost count of the number of times I’ve received comments from attendees telling me, just how intensely or powerfully they felt the vibrations. And how they have come away feeling relaxed, less stressed, and more at peace. 

That is one of the magical aspects of sharing sound healing, even virtually, you can still benefit from the vibration frequencies and relaxing sounds. 

A good set of headphones undoubtedly give the best user experience, however, I myself often listen to YouTube soundbaths on my phone when I am in need of a quick boost and rebalance. 


How do virtual Soundbaths work? 

The magic lies in the vibrations that are received from the bowls. Of course, intention plays a big part, however just as the base from a track, can be felt through speakers, so does the vibration and frequency of the singing bowls or gongs travel through speakers, entering the energetic body of the listener. And here is where the magic happens. The sounds are serene, relaxing, and extremely pleasant to listen to, which is a big part of the experience, however in terms of how the healing works, this occurs in the vibration of the sound waves.

The sound waves that travel through your speakers are experienced on both a physical and mental level, and the audio is able to affect your brainwaves. Just like attending a soundbath in person, the soundwaves are able to put your brain from a beta state (our waking state) into a theta state, which is the meditative state.  This allows you to fully relax and receive the vibrations on a deep cellular level. Many people relax even deeper into the delta state, where the body goes on to restore and repair mode. 

This has a positive impact on your cellular body, your nervous system, and endocrine systems, allowing you to fully relax, release tensions, stress and allow the busy thoughts and mental chatter to melt away. 

So long, as the recipient is near the speaker, phone, or laptop, whichever medium they are using, the vibrations and frequencies, will be received and felt, allowing them to do their work. 

Never experienced sound healing in person or virtually before? 

We have got you covered. Head over to our YouTube Channel to experience first hand some of our online virtual soundbaths for relaxation, harmony, and balance. 

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