Monday Meditation Ibiza

Join us for a magical sound healing meditation

We invite you to join us for our Monday Meditation Ibiza live evening sound baths at our private villa in the centre of Ibiza, near Sant Miquel. 

We have been hosting sound baths in the UK for the last 3 years and love them so much we decided to bring their beautiful sounds to the island of Ibiza. 

We use a very special selection of Crystal Alchemy singing bowls infused with precious crystals and minerals to give them exceptional healing properties, not only aligned to your chakras but many other healing properties to give you a complete sound healing experience. 

We combine Crystal Alchemy Singing bowls with the gentle sounds of handpan and steel tongue drums to take you on a sound journey like no other, allowing for the healing vibrations to permeate every cell of your body and massage you from the inside. 

Each sound bath is a unique experience combining different instruments, guided meditations and reiki for a one of a kind healing experience. 

Our specialist Grotta Sonora gongs will help you to heal and vibrate at the rate you need for deep spiritual cleansing. 

For those who want a more guided meditation we also incorporate Shamanic drumming and shamanic journeying led by Jay our resident Shamanic Practitioner, tapping into the power of the 4 wind spirits, mother earth and more to take you on a powerful journey to meet your spirit animals, guides and claim the energies you need to enrich your life. 

The meditation will last for roughly 1 hour and you will receive grounding at the end with dark chocolate and herbal teas, we so look forward to welcoming you to our Monday Meditation Ibiza evenings. 

Tickets are €20 and paid in cash upon arrival, simply contact Nicole on +34 626 38 89 62 to book your space, spaces are limited so please be sure to book in advance.

Upon booking the exact location will be sent to you as a pin.

Parking is limited, depending on numbers we may operate a meeting point and parking area with designated drivers, this will all be communicated via WhatsApp ahead of the event. 

8 reasons you need a sound bath today meditation ibiza

Healing in Ibiza

As well as our sound bath meditations we offer a variety of healing treatments including 121 sound healing treatments. If you would like to book in with us for one of our healing sessions, please contact Nicole, or visit our booking system page. 

Other treatments we offer include: 

  • Angelic Reiki 
  • Crystal Healing
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Massage Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Bespoke Healings using a range of modalities for that extra special deep healing experience. 


More information can be found about our healings on our services page