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Massage Therapist Jay

Meet Jay

 Jay is our  qualified massage therapist specialising in deep tissue sports massage, and will work with you to help relieve your aches and pains,  reduce stress levels and improve your flexibility.

Jay is also trained in Swedish massage, so if you are looking for a nice relaxing massage to reduce stress and just generally feel great then contact us today! 

We offer our services from our private treatment room in Southend-on-Sea, and also offer mobile massage therapy to your home in the local area for an additional travel fee. 


We have an online booking service  which you can use to make an appointment with Jay or you can call him direct on his mobile 07515 113 645.

If you have any questions about our massage services please see the FAQ at the bottom of this page, or contact Jay directly.

Massage Therapy

Book your Massage in Southend-on-Sea today by contacting Jay direct on 07515 113 645***

Testimonial - Jenna

"I had my second sports massage from Jay and I'll definitely be going back.
I can feel a difference in my shoulders/neck already and finally have more movement!
I highly recommend Holistic Serenity to anyone who needs treatment


Testimonial - Gary


"I've had a series of massages from Jay and I have had excellent improvements in pain and movement as a result. The massage room is excellent, very calm, clean and professional.

Jay is personable, knowledgeable and very approachable. He clearly cares for his clients and I would recommend him to anyone."



Frequently Asked Questions

Sports Massage Therapy in Southend-on-Sea

If you’ve never had a massage before you may have lots of questions, you might feel nervous about having a “stranger” touch you or you might just want to know a little more about why massage is good for you and what the benefits are. You may even have heard that it really hurts and are worried you won’t be able to tolerate any pain.

Please see some answers to questions below and also feel free to call Jay on 07515113645 for further information or to make a booking.


Frequent Questions about Sports Massage. 

Isn’t sports massage just for athletes or sporty people?

No, sports massage can be for anyone. Sports massage, which is often referred to as deep tissue massage, is not just reserved for athletes and gym goers, it can help in all walks of life and support with many different causes of pain. Whether you have pain in your lower back or shoulders, stress in your neck and trapezius  muscles, or any other areas of your body a good deep tissue massage can alleviate your pain, reduce your stress and have you feeling calm and serene.

What are the Benefits of a sports massage? 

Sports massage has a range of benefits, not least being able to give you a great night’s sleep. But that’s merely a nice by-product of sports massage, the real benefits are within the muscles themselves.

As well as reducing muscle tension other benefits of a sports massage include, improving flexibility, a reduced the risk of injury during training, as well as allow those who wish to, train a little harder and a little more often. Part of a sports massage can include Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) which help greatly with improving range of movement and flexibility.

The key benefits of having a sports massage are:

·  Release muscle tension and reduce stress

·  Improve recovery time after exercise

·  Reduced risk of injury

·  Improve flexibility (especially when combined with MET)

·  Assist injury rehabilitation

·  Make you feel less stressed and more relaxed

·  Improve performance during competitive events (Pre-event massage)

·  Aid recovery time after competitive events (post-event massage)

Does sports massage hurt? 

Sports massage is aimed at getting deep into the muscle fibers to release unwanted tensions and promote muscle repair. In order to do that a certain amount of pressure is required, however, if your muscle is under too much stress this will cause it to tense, which is the complete opposite of what a massage is aiming to do.

A muscle needs to be relaxed, without being relaxed the masseuse can’t get deep into the tissue and provide the most benefit. Therefore a good sports massage therapist will not be deliberately trying to hurt you, but you will feel the pressure.  Jay will always work to a pain threshold scale that you can tolerate and will discuss this with you in detail during your consultation.

Do all my regular massages at Holistic Serenity need to be Deep Tissue?

Not at all. You will find that your physical needs and stress levels will fluctuate over time. There may be some weeks where you far less tense and would like to benefit from a relaxing Swedish massage instead, which is no problem at all. Please just advise which type of message you would prefer at the time of booking your appointment.  

Swedish Massage 

Swedish massage is the most commonly known form of massage and the type most people think of when they think of a massage. The aim of Swedish Massage is to completely relax you, to remove unwanted feels of stress and generally make you feel good. Much like sports massage Swedish aims to remove unwanted muscle tensions but it is done much more gently with little cause for pain. Swedish massage is great for unwinding after a busy day in the office or a hectic week with the kids. Coupled with Reiki it can be the ultimate pampering experience. Be sure to contact Jay for more information. 

Reiki Massage

At Holistic Serenity both Jay & Nicole are also Reiki practitioners, which means that if you would like to have a massage with Jay you can also request to have your massage treatment combined with Reiki healing at the same time.

The combination of both therapies provides a powerful boost to your massage treatment that helps with the healing process.  

A Reiki Massage can be either relaxing or combined with deep tissue techniques for even more healing properties. It really depends on what you're looking to achieve. 

How Regularly do I need a massage?

A common concern we often hear, is how regularly do you need to have a massage. That really depends on your personal health needs and goals. Athletes and regular gym goers may want a maintenance massage once a fortnight, or even every week, whereas others may only need a treatment every now and then, dependent on your stress levels. If you suffer with chronic pain that requires a more specific treatment plan you may find you want more regular treatments.

Your individual treatment plan will be discussed in detail during your consultation and will be continually reviewed and updated according to your personal requirements.

For athletes we do advise that if you have a big event that you are participating in, that you refrain from an intensive deep tissue massage the day before your event as this will impact your performance. We do however recommended you to have a light pre-event massage just before you compete, or a light post-event massage just after. Please note that this doesn’t replace your warm-ups, cool down or stretching but has added benefits that you’ll notice when competing. - Contact Jay on 07515113645 for event bookings. 

What should I wear to my massage? 

If you've never had a massage before you may be nervous for your first experience, which is only natural. The body area you require to be massage determines the correct clothing you need to wear for your appointment. If you just need your legs massaged then simple short shorts that allow easy access to them is fine. Shorts are also recommended for full body massage, there is no need to be naked, or in your underwear.

Both men and women will need to be topless for a full body massage, especially for focusing on your back. However you are also going to be covered with a towel. You will be laying face down on the massage table so can remove your bra once you are in an uncompromising position. For those who are still not comfortable with removing your bra that is fine also, just wear a bra with thinner straps if possible. 

Be sure to contact us today to find out more. 


Other Massage therapies available at Holistic Serenity

  • Holistic & Swedish Massage for relaxation and stress relief
  • Indian Head Massage for stress relief, pampering, increased circulation, hair growth and general wellbeing. 
  • Aromatherapy Indian Head Massage

Contact us to book Indian head Massage appointments

Please note that a therapeutic hour applies to all bookings of 1 hour, this involves a consultation period and 45 minutes of massage therapy. Plus any additional muscle energy techniques, case dependent.