Making a difference your own way

making a difference in your own way

We are currently living in largely what are unprecedented times. A time of anxiety, fear, worry, anger and unrest. 

At the time of writing this blog, the world is still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic which has given rise to much anger, anxiety, stress, loss, bereavement and an uprising in negative emotions. Many of us have been in quarantine since towards the end of March as we are now one week into June. Many of us have lost loved ones and relatives during this time. The strain on the global community has been huge, physically, mentally and emotionally. 

On May 25th the world suffered another blow, the death of George Floyd, a black American man from Minneapolis, who was killed by a white police officer. Allegedly having paid for goods in a corner store for with a forged banknote, police were called to the scene, where despite George not being violent or aggressive was pinned on the ground by a white police officer exerting force with his knee on George’s neck. Despite George’s pleas of not being able to breathe, he was pinned like this for over 8 minutes which resulted in his death. Rightly so, this has sparked a worldwide reaction.

The world has come together in support of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. However, whilst I have not seen or heard one person who hasn’t been saddened or angered by this tragic loss, not everyone has felt the call to attend rallies and protests, whether they be peaceful or otherwise.

Whilst social media is a phenomenal tool, the downside is that opinions are being loudly vocalised and there are some who are trying to enforce their opinions on how people should be acting during this time and in response to this tragic event. I have witnessed many people receiving abuse or even chastising themselves for not attending protests etc, and I find this truly upsetting.

I absolutely agree we all have a responsibility to come together to end the inequality, injustice and racism in our world. But not everyone needs to contribute towards this in the same way. Not every need to be involved by physically or vocally fighting this cause. There are many ways of bringing love, healing, and helping to open minds of humanity,  without needing to be publicly visible and that’s what I want to discuss here. 

If you have found yourself reading this blog, then there is a high chance that you are on a spiritual path or a journey of enlightenment, in which case you may be fully aware that the earth is undergoing a huge shift at the moment. We are in the throws of an ascension to enable us to move from a 3d reality into a 4d and 5d reality. This means that a lot of our old ways of hate, greed, violence, and anger as falling away. I truly feel that Covid 19 and George Floyd are an integral part of this ascension process and in humanity starting to ‘wake up’. 

Many people have started to do deep inner work during this quarantine period, and have started to question how they lived their lives previously and have begun turning inwards to find joy, peace and happiness. I do not feel any of this is a coincidence. 

During these last 3 months we have seen a huge surge in ‘spiritual awakenings’. And those of us who were already ‘awakened’ have found our work and development has taken us on an even deeper inner journey of transformation and release. It’s an amazing time to be living through and with every day I have been blessed to witness more and more wonderful transformations and realisation in myself, my family, loved ones and clients I work with all over the globe. The unification of our collective consciousness is really starting to amplify and send waves of peace and love out into the world with magnificent results. 

I know first hand that we are being helped and guided through this process, by our teams in spirit, our guides, ascended masters, archangels, the divine love aspect, source and even other galactic beings. More and more of us are having wonderful experiences that are opening our eyes to the fact that humanity and the Earth is being guided into a wonderful ascension where we can start to be more intuitive, operate from our heart centres through the power of thought, prayer, intention and consciousness. Coming together as a collective to raise the consciousness and vibration of earth, holds more power than any of us could ever truly comprehend. 

And it is in this point, that I wish to bring your attention to ways you already are or can actively contribute towards helping break down the old barriers of hate, injustice and racism. Not all of you will want to leave your homes and wave a placard at the picket line.  Some of you will want to use positive intentions. You may want to meditate for 5 minutes a day and in that 5 minutes, send out loving energy to the world and everyone in it. You may choose to pray, you may choose to state loving intentions out loud to all humanity at the start of your day. You might like to write poems or draw art channelling love and healing into your work that will be shared with others. We will all have our own unique ways of sharing love and light. And they are all important.

As we are learning, words and thoughts hold vibration and energy, and those seemingly ‘small’ acts can have huge positive impacts o the world. Imagine the power of all the worlds healers and lightworkers coming together and sending healing and positive thoughts out to the world together, imagine what that is doing for the earth and it’s vibration right here and right now. 

If you like to contribute in your own way, whether that be art, music, or however you like to channel your energy and vibration, spreading joy and love, thank you! You are changing the world and adding to the rise and positivity of our collective consciousness. You are making a huge difference.

We must accept that we are all different, and we all have different gifts and aspects of love, positivity and change to bring. And they are all very much needed. Never allow someone to say that thinking positively or sending love is not enough. Because it is. Because you understand energy, you understanding that sending out love is sending out vibrational healing waves to the earth. Know and trust that you are enough and you are doing enough and we are all truly grateful.

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