Crystal Healing for everyday life

This course takes less than 3 hours to complete, start it today, and get your certificate in no time!

If you want to change your life dramatically, feel better about yourself, shed past trauma, and really get what you want from life, then this introduction to crystal healing will teach you quickly how to put into action life-changing crystal magic today!

Crystal Healing for everyday life

This course takes less than 6 hours to complete, start it today, and get your certificate in no time!

If you want to change your life dramatically, feel better about yourself, shed past trauma, and really get what you want from life, then this introduction to crystal healing will teach you quickly how to put into action life-changing crystal magic today!

Crystal Healing for you

I have used crystals for over the last 2 decades to help me through tough times and you can too. The power of crystal healing is so astounding it really has meant my life has gotten better and better since I started putting into practice the lessons I learned. 

I found that over the years the amount of books I read would go into great detail on many elements but ultimately there are only a few things you really needed to know in order to use them for your greater good. 

Endless books would yield very little in terms of practical uses for crystals, and often many crystals have similar effects so having a never-ending collection of every crystal also wasn’t really necessary. 

I created this course to bring those years of learning together to create a simple, succinct, and powerful course together that would teach you all the fundamentals of crystal healing so you can treat yourself right away. 

Healing yourself is the first step to healing those around you, you have to find the balance within to help others. 

In the space of just a few hours, you can complete this course and receive your certificate so you can feel confident in your ability to apply crystal healing in your everyday life. 

The power of manifesting

Holistic Serenity sound healing ibiza

When I started Holistic Serenity I used crystal grids to manifest and to help focus my energies and make my dream of having a  successful holistic wellness business a reality. 

Everyone told me that you couldn’t make money with singing bowls and reiki healing, but so far I have proved them all wrong and Holistic Serenity continues to grow and become very well known throughout Essex. 

No matter your goals and wants from life having crystals on your side will help  you make them a reality. 

Thanks for the course! truly enjoyed it! this is a great resource for everyone who is ready to dive into the magic world of crystals!!
Lara Khalaf
Soulful Feminine Leadership

Make your dreams a reality

Do you find you never have enough time to get things done?

Do think that your family doesn’t really get you?

Are your friends sometimes on a different wavelength to you?

Would you rather have a better relationship with your co-workers? 

Would you like to be more focused on what you want? 

Would you like to get the things you really want in life? 

Do you want more wealth and abundance in your life? 

Harnessing the power of crystals can help you achieve the focus and balance you need. They can give you the confidence to say the things you need to get ahead. To have that talk with your family you always wanted. To generate that feeling of wealth and abundance so you can truly earn what you’re worth. 

Please watch this wonderful Testimonial for a learners perspective

What is included on the course?

Highlights include: 

Sound bath

Guided Meditation video - Unique to this course

Special guided meditation to connect with your crystal. Totally unique to this crystal course you will receive a FREE video to watch as often as you like, which allows you to meditate and connect to your crystals, to awaken an even deeper power within. 

Worth £20 for FREE! 

Crystal Grid for Manifesting love

Crystal Grid Basics

Crystal Grids super charge your crystals by combining a collection of different energies, so you can add even more power to manifesting your goals. Learn all the basics today! 

smudging crystals

Cleansing your crystals

How to cleanse and care for your crystals. Understanding the different methods and practices for cleansing your crystals to ensure no negative energies impact your space

the magic 13 crystals you need in your collection

The Magic 13

The must-have 13 crystals for any healers tool kit. This knowledge is distilled from dozens of books to get the right information for you to be able to leapfrog ahead and start healing today!  

Course Modules

Please click on the crystals to learn out more about each module 

The Basics of Crystals; The Science and the Magic. 

The correlation of colours, crystals and their power, including which chakras they relate to and how they can heal them.  

What factors to consider when choosing your crystals, what will work for best for you and your journey.

Dispell the build-up of negative energy in your crystals by learning the many methods of cleansing your crystals. 

Program your crystals to empower your life. Fill each crystal with specific intentions to bring about change and focus on making your life better in every way. 

If you don’t know where to start or what crystals to get, these are the must-have crystals that you need to begin healing with right away. In some ways they are only 13 Crystals you will ever need! 

Make it happen! Create your dream life. Learn how the power of positive mindset, intention and manifestation can truly change your life for the better, just like it did for me. 

Everything you need to know about Crystal grid basics to start using them today. This method of intention setting really works! 

The ultimate crystal hotspots in your home. Where to place your crystals around your home to bring about the most change, fast. 

Meditate and connect with your crystals with ease. This is an exclusive mediation video, that will allow you to deeply connect with any of your crystals to form a deeper bond and a lasting relationship with positive intentions. 

I have collected crystals for years and bought so many books, but I never find the time to read them all, this course was great as it was so quick to complete and gave me all the information I wanted to know right away, thank you Holisic Serenity ❤
Debbie Chaffinch
Team leader


The course is text-based, so that depends on how quickly you can read, but the average person could read this in an afternoon. 

Once your purchase is complete you will be sent an access password for the online training portal. 

This can be accessed on the main website under training>>sign-in

The course is then accessible online at your convenience. 

The course is presented in an online portal. 

Each course is a text-based series of information slides and documents which will guide you through the information. 

You will be able to access the course outline at any time via a button at the top of the screen and so you can skip back or forward if you so wish. 

Yes, once you have completed the course you will be eligible for your certificate, once you complete all of the modules and click the mark as complete button at the bottom of each module. 

Some modules also have a knowledge recap quiz at the end and you will need to get a 75% pass rate in order to complete each quiz

Once you have completed the course you will be able to access the course certificate section of the dashboard and print off your certificate. 

It is recommended to go directly to print and chose print as PDF if you wish to save the file to your desktop or phone. 

This is a level 1 qualification 

This course is accredited by the IPHM


What will I get from this course?

This is not just a course to learn how each crystal can offer you healing, it will also give you the tools to make your mental state more uplifted, to find enjoyment in life, manifest wealth and abundance. 

Imagine what your life could look like in 6 months time if you had the courage to take life by the horns and say or do all the things you wish you could? 

The power of crystals can help you to have the life you’ve always wanted, and it only takes a day to complete if you study hard enough. 

You’ll get peace of mind to find yourself and know what you want in life through the power of meditation. 

Our guided meditation included with the course will help you to connect to your innermost wants and desires and use the power of crystal manifestation to get them. Now how can yuo put a value on happiness? 

I completed Nicole's course over the course of a day, and started putting into practice what I learned right away, I already feel like I've got more control over my destiny, it's amazing.
Cara Turner
Yoga Instructor