you are what you think

You are what you think

Many of us have heard of the book the secret, or of the law of attraction but how many of us understand the principles behind ‘the law of attraction’?

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Reasons to love Epsom Salts

Whilst there are a lot of people who widely regard the benefit of Epsom salts and use them regularly, there are a lot of people who don’t know what they are and more importantly, what they can do for us.

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Would you like some Reiki with that?

Reiki made its first impression on me as a young 18 year old when I received my first Reiki session and I can still remember it clear as day 20 years on. Truth is, that reiki has continued to be an intrinsic part of my life throughout my adulthood. I remember the sheer amazement I felt when undertaking my level 1 and finding out that Reiki could be used for objects that were no longer working, such as radios, fridges, washing machines and anything.

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