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Bach Flower Weight Loss Support Remedy

This remedy will support you with the following

  • Self control & discipline 
  • Learn from past mistakes
  • To avoid feeling guilt 
  • Help to accept yourself 
  • Not be easily discouraged 
  • Not give up if life gets tough.  

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Bach Flower Individual Mixture Remedy

Please contact me with the symptoms you would like support with and alongside my knowledge, I will dowse in order to make an individual remedy tailored to your specific needs.

 (this will include up to 4 remedies)  

Alternatively contact me with up to 4 of your chosen remedies that you would like. 

Bach Flower Remedies - (choice of all 38)

To gently restore the balance between your body & mind. So often our physical ailments are affected by our emotions. The remedies help to rid yourself of negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred & indecision.

 The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is able to focus on healing itself on a physical level. Infused with Reiki for extra healing benefits. 

Bath Salts

Available via the Etsy store. Made with Himalayan & Epsom salts and gently infused with dried flowers, Reiki & various essential oils  

Angel Card Reading

Using Doreen Virtue's beautiful Daily Guidance angel cards, receive a personalised 3 card reading covering past, present & future.

Distant Reiki

Receive Reiki, irrelevant of where in the world you are. Email me any request you have for specific intentions during your treatment

Sage space cleansing kits

Beautiful space cleansing kits for space, mind and body. Containing a 4" white sage smudge stick, Aura & Space cleansing spray  and Epsom and Himalayan bath salts infused with carefully selected essential oils and a Bach Flower Remedies

Aura & Space Cleansing Sprays

30ml Space cleansing aura sprays made with a careful selection of  pure essential oils and infused with Reiki & placed in a Crystal singing bowl which is then played to promote a gentle but incredibly powerful and soothing aura spray. 

Coming soon