Reiki Energy Healing Ibiza

Energy Healing

At Holistic Serenity, we have been practising the original lineage of Reiki Usui shiki Royoho for 16 years. We later went on to expand on our energy work and specialised in Reiki with crystal healing, Angelic Reiki & Rahanni Celestial healing.

Nicole is our Reiki Master/Teacher who runs classes and workshops teaching this ancient and beautiful healing modality to others.

Both Nicole & Jay are accomplished Reiki & Rahanni practitioners, with Jay specialising in treatments for male clients.

When it comes to choosing a treatment, how do you know which type of energy healing treatment is the right one for you?

Read the information below to help you make an informed choice, see what you are instinctively drawn to, or if you’re still not quite sure contact us and we’d be happy to talk to you about the different forms of energy healing we offer.

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Reiki energy healing Ibiza

Reiki Energy Healing

Origins of Reiki

Crystal healing is great at supporting stress, anxiety, emotional and mental di-ease within the mind and body.

It is also known to support migraines, insomnia, stiff joints, digestive diseases and can work beautifully in conjunction with other traditional and holistic treatments for chronic and severe illnesses.

How Reiki Works

Wherever there is an illness in the body, there is a disruption to the energy. Reiki works by channelling the correct frequency energy into the body to remove the blockage and rebalance the energy thereby removing the problem and the physical symptoms.

It works on many different levels such as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It helps to enhance and balance all aspects of your life.

Receiving Reiki is a wonderfully calming, relaxing and serene experience. Clients can often experience deeply profound and uplifting experiences during healing.

It is a completely non-invasive therapy as it is performed with the client fully-clothed and hands are simply laid-on or held directly above specific areas.

Reiki can also be sent and received remotely with just as powerful results, which has allowed us to work with clients in other countries and even continents.

After your treatment, you can expect to feel relaxed and refreshed. You may feel a little emotional after your treatment as part of the releasing process.

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Angelic Reiki Southend-on-Sea

Angelic Reiki Energy Healing

What is Angelic Reiki?

Angelic Reiki differs from Usui Reiki as it vibrates on a higher frequency, and is a different multidimensional form of healing. It works specifically at soul leave, directly aimed at the root cause of any occurring conditions which makes for a very healing and transformative experience.

In an Angelic Reiki treatment session, both the practitioner and the recipient are connected directly to divine energy via the Angelic Kingdom of light. This allows exceptional high vibration energies of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters as well as Galactic Healers to work on the recipient to release physical, emotional, ancestral and karmic imbalances across all timelines.

Angelic Reiki works on a pure vibration that is derived directly from the Angelic Kingdom to focus powerful intention directly on the root causes of the needs of each recipient.  Each recipient responds to this vibration in their own individual way that best serves their highest good.

What Conditions Can Benefit from Angelic Reiki Treatments?

Angelic Reiki is positively suitable for anyone, any age, children and even pets. Any condition can benefit from this beautiful treatment, even alongside and in addition to other more conventional and mainstream healthcare therapies, as well as other complementary therapies. It is the perfect accompaniment to all.

Because Angelic Reiki target deep-rooted, core issues, this can be extremely beneficial, empowering and freeing for the recipient. This is a beautiful healing modality ideal for those wishing to address emotional, psychological and stress conditions. Or those who are stuck in negative life and thought patterns.

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Rahanni Celestial Energy Healing

What is Rahanni?

Rahanni Celestial Healing is a truly special healing modality that brings balance.  It is a 5th-dimensional healing modality and works on the vibration of the heart chakra.

It balances our male and female and helps us to release negativity and fear.

How does Rahanni work?

Rahanni is a hands-on healing therapy that works on a high vibration. Everyone can benefit from Rahanni especially children as they are open to these higher energies. It has been known to benefit those children diagnosed with hyperactivity and ADD.

Rahanni not only heals physical problems but works on an emotional level too. Rahanni needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Rahanni creates a positive shift in people’s attitudes and thought patterns and lifts people up.

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Crystal Healing Southend-on-sea

Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is a different form of vibrational, energy-based healing using specific crystals dependent on the recipient’s conditions. Crystals are placed on specific areas on and/or around the body or in a grid formation to change the vibrational rate of energy field, emotional & physical body to restore well-being, minimise dis-ease in the body and support physiological, psychological-emotional, mental, karmic and ancestral balance, and helps us to release negativity and fear.

History of Crystal Healing

The methods of crystals healing are derived from ancient Middle Eastern cultures, who brought us the knowledge and understanding of Chi and life force energy, chakras and how this relates to our physical and mental well-being. WE believe that the practice of crystals healing dates back to at least 6,000 years ago. We know that Ancient Egyptians wore crystals such as lapis lazuli, carnelian and turquoise to ward off illness and negative energy. There is evidence to also suggest that crystal singing bowls were used in the great pyramids.

Benefits of Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is great at supporting stress, anxiety, emotional and mental di-ease within the mind and body.

It is also known to support migraines, insomnia, stiff joints, digestive diseases and can work beautifully in conjunction with other traditional and holistic treatments for chronic and severe illnesses.

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Chakra Balancing Southend-on-Sea

Chakra Balancing & Clearing

What does Chakra Balancing & Clearing involve?

Chakra balancing can be done in person but also remotely. A full scan will be carried out of your physical and auric body to detect any blockages. A consultation will need to be carried out (either in person, email or phone, skype) to identify if there are any specific ailments and issues that require addressing and how and if these correlate to any blockages that may have been picked up from the scan.

Then a combination of therapies such as clearing with a pendulum, energy healing, visualisation, imprinting & sound will all be used to cleanse, clear & balance.

Benefits of Chakra Balancing & Clearing

The beauty of this treatment is, that it can be carried remotely if you live in another country or don’t feel up to leaving the house. We can easily still pick up issues you have going on.

Some issues you can be supported with are:-


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“Nicole is amazing! I first went to Nicole for Reiki and enjoyed it so much that I decided to become
a Reiki practitioner and train with Nicole.
Her teaching methods are fun, engaging and thorough in a comfortable and relaxed environment.
Sally S*****
I was recommended Nicole by a mutual friend and it’s possibly the best recommendation I’ve ever had! I’ve felt stuffy, heavy and generally not well feeling for months and needed some healing and spiritual unblocking. Nicole was super sensitive to my needs and I instantly felt better, lighter and more positive. Thank you so much for helping me end what has been a truly horrendous 2019 for me in a much more positive state”
Helen H*****