Accredited & Certified Introduction To Crystal Healing For Everyday Life

Online E-Learning Course & Crystal Meditation

Course highlights

Sound bath

Unique to this course

Special guided meditation  to connect with your crystal

Crystal Grid for Manifesting love

Crystal Grid Basics

Crystal Gridding so you can add even more power to manifesting your goals. 

smudging crystals

Cleansing your crystals

How to cleanse and care for your crystals.

the magic 13 crystals you need in your collection

The Magic 13

The must-have 13 crystals for any healers tool kit. 


Do you love crystals but not sure exactly how to use them to get the most out of life? 

Do you want to know the quickest easiest way to get to know the top crystals and how they can help you in everyday life? 

I truly believe the secret to my success is not only my beliefs but my use of Crystals in manifesting my dreams and goals. 

This downloadable course will help you to start working with Crystals immediately. 

It’s easy to follow simple pdf structure will teach you everything you need to know quickly, and will help you invoke their magic and wonder into your life today. 

Whether you are a fully-fledged crystal junkie or new to this beautiful healing modality then this Crystal Healing course has something for you. 

This course will help you to start working with crystals immediately and invoke their magic and wonder into your life!


Why choose this course?

I am a fully qualified and certified Crystal Healer and have worked closely with crystals for over 22 years. I  have created this course which has been fully accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and upon completion will receive a certificate

My aim with this course was to take the wealth of knowledge I have gained over my career and put it into a simple, easy to understand guide anyone can start to use today!

No prior knowledge needed. 

You will complete this course knowing which 13 crystals you will need to get first in your collection to really start working with their magic right away.

You’ll learn how to maintain and care for them and know exactly how to get manifesting your best life right away. 

At the end of this course, no matter what your goal, you will be ready to create high vibrational magic and changes in your life immediately.

Course Modules

Click on the crystals to learn more about each module

The Basics of Crystals; The Science and the Magic. 

The correlation of colours, crystals and their power. 

What factors to consider when choosing your crystals. 

The many methods of cleansing your crystals made clear. 

Programme your crystals to empower your life.

The only 13 Crystals you will ever need! 

Make it happen! Create your dream life. 

Everything you need to know to start today. 

The ultimate crystal hotspots in your home. 

Meditate and connect with your crystals with ease. 

What others are saying
Amy B.
Read More
Just what I needed. Thank you! Loved the video guided meditation. Can’t wait to get started with what I’ve learnt, this was the most beautifully designed course as well, I loved the artwork and the information was spot on!
Lucy D
Read More
I’ve only just gone and set up my first crystal grid 🙂 Thank you for making this easy to understand and follow. #excited
Lara K
Read More
Thanks for the course! truly enjoyed it! this is a great resource for everyone who is ready to dive into the magic world of crystals!!
Read More
I’ve always liked crystals and have some, but have never really known what to do with them. I’ve now bought all the ones recommended haha and have programmed and am using the ones I already did have. Cheers for this, it’s been great fun. I’m feeling much more positive in very difficult times.
Tracey M
Read More
I've taken a lot of online courses and this was by far the best one, it was so quick to get going, so much information in such a short space of time, I just loved it!

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