7 things to do when you visit the powerful spiritual island of Ibiza

Spiritual Island of Ibiza

Ibiza is well known for it’s hedonistic lifestyle, super clubs, parties, and the sun, sea and sex. But there is much much more to this magical and spiritual island of Ibiza. It offers adventure, equisite beauty, and spiritual wonder, more than many of us realise. When Nicole first had a psychic reading that told her […]

7 Reasons you need a spiritual retreat

spiritual retreat

In the wake of a global pandemic, our collective consciousness has taken a beating. It is true that during the lockdown there has been a spiritual awakening like no other. However, if you’ve not had your awakening you might be wondering what all the noise is about, or if you have you might be thinking […]

Making a difference your own way

making a difference in your own way

If you have found yourself reading this blog, then there is a high chance that you are on a spiritual path or a journey of enlightenment, in which case you may be fully aware that the earth is undergoing a huge shift at the moment. We are in the throws of an ascension to enable us to move from a 3d reality into a 4d and 5d reality. This means that a lot of our old ways of hate, greed, violence, and anger as falling away. I truly feel that Covid 19 and George Floyd are an integral part of this ascension process and in humanity starting to ‘wake up’.