7 things to do when you visit the powerful spiritual island of Ibiza

Spiritual Island of Ibiza

Ibiza is well known for its hedonistic lifestyle, super clubs, parties, and the sun, sea and sex. But there is much much more to this magical and spiritual island of Ibiza. It offers adventure, exquisite beauty, and spiritual wonder, more than many of us realise.

When Nicole first had a psychic reading that told her Ibiza was where she was meant to be, she shrugged it off and thought that was not the kind of place she wanted to visit, much less live. At the time she still held the same mindset as many, that it was more of an 18-30s party island, where you go to when you’re young and looking for fun and adventure, to scoot around the island on a moped and party all night, fall asleep on the beach, then do it all over again the next day.

That may have been something a younger version of ourselves would have loved and enjoyed, but life has changed, we’re now older, wiser and focused on spiritual development rather than spirit consumption. But after the third psychic told both of us, that we would be travelling and Ibiza was the destination we started to look into it and found that Ibiza is not just a party island and that in fact, there is so very much more to it.

The spiritual island of Ibiza

The island has a very special pull, it seems to have this uncanny knack for drawing healers to it. When we first arrived here many people had the same story. They would say to us “I don’t know why we’re here, we’ve never been here before, but something told me I needed to be here”. This is a story we heard over and over when we first arrived and would laugh as it’s the same story as our own. The reason for this pull is that the island is the third most magnetic place on the planet, and it seems to call to those with a spiritual nature like a beacon in the darkness.

So if you are spiritual and looking for a holiday or a retreat then you really should consider Ibiza, and here are 6 things to do when you visit the powerful spiritual island of Ibiza, in case you’re still not sold.

  1. Visit Es Vedra Es Vedra is a large 400-metre-high rock formation off of the South-West corner of the island, this is where legend has it Ibiza gets its magnetic pull, this rather large and majestic outcrop of rock is the source of the magic here on Ibiza, and much of the spiritual community will host events, yoga, boat trips and more to spend time bathing in the shadow of this magical island. Es Vedra also boasts a spectacular sunset view and the overlooking cliffs become quite busy during the height of the busy season, if you have the time and hiking boots, it’s well worth taking a little trek to find more secluded spots to have your own personal time with Es Vedra and the sunset, where you will see the true magic of the island.
  2. Crystal Mountain – There are many places to visit on the spiritual island of Ibiza, but Crystal mountain has to be on your list if you’re looking to connect to the magical energies of the island. A community of healers has come together to create this sacred space bringing with them a collection of stunning, huge crystals and healing practices. If you love crystals then you don’t want to miss Crystal Mountain.
  3. Yoga in Tanit Cave – Yoga is not only a wonderful exercise practice but the spiritual connection and ethos behind it means that Yoga is one of the most popular activities on the island, you can do Yoga on the beach, Yoga by Es Vedra, Hot Yoga, Rocket Yoga, you name it you’ll find it on the island. But if you want a truly unique Yoga experience you should try the Yoga in Tanit Cave. Tanit cave is another wonderfully calming, healing place on the island, that really allows you a moment in time to find your centre and truly experience the wonder of the spiritual island of Ibiza.
  4. Have a sound bath – No trip to the spiritual island of Ibiza would be complete without a deeply healing meditation experience. Sound baths are very popular on the island but be careful not everyone is professionally trained. Our healing sound baths involve guided meditation, blissful soothing sounds of the island’s most exclusive sound healing equipment and dark chocolate or even herbal tea to ground you back down to reality at the end. If you are interested in visiting a sound bath then please check our events calendar to see if we’re hosting a public event when you plan to visit. If not please contact us directly to book a private sound healing session with us or at your villa. We are not only trained but we teach sound healing as well, so you’re in the safest hands on the island. 
  5. Visit a hippy market – You might be thinking, that’s not very spiritual, but the hippy markets are a long-held tradition on the island and are stocked high with an extensive array of handmade jewellery, clothing, artwork and more. Much of which is designed with a very spiritual Ibizican style that the island is so famous for. There are several markets around the island, each with its own charm, but if you’re looking for the biggest you’ll want to try Punta Arabi in Es Canar or perhaps Las Dalias which not only has a great marketplace but doubles as a night/day club for those who like a little dance with their shopping.
  6. Have a spiritual healing experience – Of course, you can’t leave the island without having some kind of spiritual breakthrough moment. The island is home to a vast array of fantastic healers all with different backgrounds and specialities. No matter the route your journey to enlightenment takes you will find a healer suited for you. Whether you need a shamanic Temazcal sweat lodge or a tailored energy healing session, a plant medicine ceremony or even an intensive yoga meditation retreat there are healers and retreats to suit your needs. Why not book in for one of our special personal healing sessions, we specialise in Shamanic healing ceremonies, Angelic Reiki and Sound healing experiences, each with their own very powerful healing journey.
  7. Drumming on Benirras Beach – Lastly, for a bit of fun I recommend visiting the northern beach of Benirras, for the local sunset drumming. Recently the mayor has banned this activity because this spot gets very busy on a Sunday evening and is not safe for such crowds. However, during the week the drumming still goes on, every night at sunset. So we recommend going on any night other than a Sunday. It is a unique vibe and is a great way to dance in celebration of the setting of the sun.

So there you have it, 7 things to do when you visit the spiritual island of Ibiza. Be sure to book in for your healings and events well before you arrive as many of them will be sold out weeks in advance, due to their popularity and how busy the island gets during the height of tourist season. This is why we often recommend taking a retreat or visit to the island in the offseason, less is open but you will experience more of what the island life is really like for the Spiritual community. 

Please do reach out if you would like to book a soundbath, day retreat or healing session with us, we also have accommodation for couples looking to get away and relax in the beautiful countryside of Ibiza, or if have any questions. 

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