5 things to expect from a sound bath meditation

sound bath meditation

Sound bath meditations are one of the most precious events I host. Ever since I heard the beautiful angelic sounds of crystal singing bowls I’ve been mesmerised and on this path of sound healing ever since. I love sound bath meditations as they offer those who experience them the chance to really go deep into a meditative state. To heal from the inside out and have a wonderful spiritual experience.

But for every person who’s been lucky enough to experience them, there are 10 that have not, so it’s easy to understand that there is a lot of mystery surrounding them, so I thought I would give you a little insight into the goings-on and the amazing benefits you get from them.

5 things to expect from a sound bath meditation

  1. Deeply relaxing experience – when you arrive at a sound bath, it’s a fairly simple affair. You find a nice space to lay down on your yoga mat, with a cushion and a blanket, perhaps a bolster for your knees to ease back pain, and also maybe an eye bag to allow you to focus purely on the wonderful sounds. Then once you’re comfortable and the sound bath begins, you will find the gentle, calming, melodic and beautiful sounds will give you the ability to truly relax, to release unwanted tension in your muscles and your sinews, to truly deeply relax.
  2. Guided meditation to unlock new potentials – our sound baths all have a theme, we plan each one to be special and individual, and we tailor the words of our guided sound bath meditations to support and develop that theme. For example, we may focus on shedding negativity. This means that we will talk you through a mental process of relaxations and meditation, using mantras and suggestions, which allow you to let go of that negativity, to really put aside your negative thoughts and to focus on positivity instead.
  3. Theta state brain wave transcendental meditation – Transcendental meditation takes years to perfect. Monks sitting upon mountain tops take years to truly reach a state of transcendental meditation. This is due to the difficulty of putting the mind into a Theta brain wave state through choice. In natural life, we generally reach theta state when starting to or at the end of sleep. It is at this state of brain wave function that we are more open, able to learn more easily, more connected to source. Crystal Singing bowls have the ability to bring the mind into a theta state very quickly and easily, allowing you to experience advanced meditation practices without years of meditation. This is the true power of the bowls and the reason they are able to truly offer healing during a sound bath because you are able to reach states of enlightenment that most everyday westerners would not normally experience.
  4. An emotional experience – it is not uncommon for a person at a sound bath to get a fit of the giggles or to start sobbing with tears. The crystal singing bowls are tuned to the frequencies of your 7 main chakras and others, and this means that if you have a blocked chakra you could experience an emotional release, one that may continue for a day or two afterwards. Singing bowls bring the vibration of your chakra back to what they should be, a factory reset if you will, that means that if you’ve been having a blockage for a long time you may find emotions are released that you would normally keep bottled up, this is not a bad thing, let those emotions go, because keeping things bottled up is the worst thing you can do. Running from your problems means they catch up to you eventually, and often they’ve grown far bigger and much worse by then, face them early on and you’ll find them much easier to overcome and release.
  5. Grounding – As part of a sound bath meditation you will begin with a grounding ritual and end with a further grounding ritual, to ensure any unwanted negative energies are released before you begin, and any excess energy is contained afterwards. Sound bath meditations can open your upper chakras to such an extent that you, right feel high or euphoric, this is usually because the bowls or gongs have been used too excessively, however, even when you don’t feel this way you will need to be grounded at the end. This is often done by playing the root chakra bowl, eating dark chocolate and drinking herbal teas. Even eye contact with other members of the sound bath is a great way to bring you back down to earth before you journey home. 


So I hope this has shed some further light on to what to expect from a sound bath, we host regular sound baths here in Ibiza so if you’re on the island or planning to visit be sure to check our event calendar and see when our next even will take place. Or if you can’t visit us in person then here is one of our sound baths recorded in the beautiful hills of Ibiza. 

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