4 Amazing Spiritual Alternatives to Going Clubbing in Ibiza Spain

alternatives to going clubbing in Ibiza

Ibiza is known for its hedonism, its parties, the nightlife, the wonders and its international reputation as the playground of the rich and famous, with celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio and Caprice regularly spending time on the island. The super clubs have made the island famous, but there are many alternatives to going clubbing in Ibiza, the island has more than one trick up its sleeve.

Every season thousands of holidaymakers flock to this small island paradise to sample the wonders that are available for all those who wish to experience the high life, in every sense of the word. But more than that the island has a duality, a strong spiritual connection that brings many retreat seekers and adventurers looking for a deeper connection to the source.

Of the many alternatives available to going clubbing there are a lot of different spiritual pursuits that you could sample in order to try something a little different whilst on your holiday, with a range of different outcomes. Firstly it’s good to know what you’re wanting to gain from the experience, are you just wanting to unwind, relax and feel better or are you looking to delve deeper into your spiritual path?

4 Alternatives to Going Clubbing in Ibiza

  1. Day Retreats: There are many ways you can spend your day at a day retreat, whether you’re looking to purely relax by the pool and get pampered, or if you’re wanting something a little more healing then you could look at booking a day retreat with Holistic Serenity, with 3 special days available each with a unique approach to relaxation and rejuvenation. For more information on our retreat days visit our retreat day page to find out how you can rest, relax and rejuvenate in a unique style.
  2. A Sound Bath: If you are looking for the ultimate in relaxation and healing vibes then you can’t get any more vibrational than a sound bath. Holistic Serenity private sound baths direct to your villa offer a totally unique and bespoke experience, unlike any other sound bath you will have heard of. The power of alchemy crystal singing bowls will take you on a sound journey of epic proportions whilst you will be soothed and returned to earth with beautiful steel tongue and hang drums. Sound baths are a vibrational massage and will heal you inside and out, just don’t go drinking afterwards or you’ll be on a very cheap date!
  3. Dedicated Energy Healing treatments: Energy healing is where Holistic Serenity began over 16 years ago, with Usui Reiki healing. Since then our energy healing tool kit has grown considerably, as has our connection to source energy. Founder Nicole Shields’ energy healing treatments are such powerful and wonderful experiences you will be left in a state of pure bliss, or perhaps tears. The energetic healing you receive will help you to go deep within, to work on past trauma, deep-rooted anxieties even depression, to find a place of calm and stillness. To receive healing energies that are going to go to exactly where they are needed for your highest good, at the exact time you need them most.
  4. Shamanic Healing: Unlike other healings, Shamanic Healing is very deeply rooted in communication. In many of our healings, you simply close your eyes and receive. Shamanic healings are a little different. In a 121 you will be asked to describe how you are feeling as an integral part of the healing. You will find you open up to your own healing and experience a release like never before. Shamanic healings are a beautiful way to shed past anxiety, to combat depression. To let go of that which you carry around with you and no longer serves. Shamanic healings can also dip into past lives, cut the ties to lives that are still influencing your current life, break the bonds that are holding you back and give you the strength to empower this life all the more. Shamanic healings can also tackle entities, and energies that hitch a ride in your energetic body, and cause all manner of negative influences on your daily lives. When you come for a treatment the healing you require will be discovered in the opening consultation, and together you and James will embark on a healing journey so powerful and deeply restorative that you will wonder why it took so long to have one.


So there you have it, a selection of alternatives to going clubbing in Ibiza, especially for those of you who are spiritual. There are lots of great things to do in Ibiza no matter what you’re looking for you will find it. There is a lot of adventure and excitement as well as rest and relaxation. 

For a unique experience be sure to look at our healings, meditations and events, our day retreats are so unique you’ll have an experience unlike any other. 

If you’re not looking for something spiritual and just want to enjoy the island without clubbing here are a few hints and tips to navigating your way around the island and avoiding the party scene. 

You might ask yourself which side of the Island in the Clubbing side? Well actually it’s not as simple as that, the majority of the big clubs are on the North West of the Island situated around San Antonio, which is the primary destination of young fun lovers looking to have a good time at the clubs.

However, Ibiza Town also has a few of its own clubs, and so does Santa Eularia, although Santa Eularia is more for families there are still a few places to party if you really want to. So if you are a family with kids and can find a babysitter then Santa Eularia might be a place for the best of both worlds.

But for the most part, if you don’t want to go clubbing, or avoid the party places, then just avoid San Antonio. Ibiza old town is a beautiful spot for late-night meals and entertainment, with many street acts and a wonderful vibe of an evening. It’s a great place to go if you want to have a nice chilled evening and still enjoy a little lively environment.  

If you love great food then I highly recommend you read our blog about the 5 most amazing places to eat in Ibiza, we love our food and are constantly looking for new contenders for the crown of best meal on the island. 

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